A place for a centralized and stored database of changes and additions to the mod, for public view.

Table of Contents


  • Minutemen Keyword Category


  • Ammo Scrapping for Far Harbor
  • Ammo Scrapping for Nuka World


  • Glowstick Redux
  • Vault 13 Canteen
  • Taste of Blues
  • We Are The Minutemen
  • See Through Scopes
  • Project Mojave
  • Settler and Companion Dialogue Overhaul


  • 12mm Pistol
    • Highly recommend grabbing Codeblackcrash’s Unofficial Update to work in tandem with Munitions
  • FOMOD Installer
    • Changed various patches to be separated under tabs and consolidated into one folder
    • Patches no longer automatically select, as that process is very time consuming and tedious to setup, requiring exact plugin names


  • Nuka World
    • Corrected NULL records for crafting items


  • Damn Apocalypse
    • Moved all compost and produce based COBJ’s to Produce Workbench
    • Moved West-Tek Screw COBJ’s to Utility Workbench
    • Moved RadBoy COBJ to Utility Workbench
  • Munitions


  • Ammo Scrapping
    • Now returns components based on craft in a reduced amount for the ammo itself
  • Various component requirements for ammo crafting
  • Category Names from Sentenced case to completely capitalized
  • Vanilla mine and grenade crafting recipes from chemistry workbench
  • Various constructible object descriptions to nothing since they’re not necessary and clutter the space 


  • Munitions
    • Added ammo scrapping for additional ammos added by this mod
  • Capital Wasteland 32 Pistol
    • Corrected object crafted for .32 ammo



  • Old World Radio – Boston
  • Old World Radio 2
  • Capital Wasteland Bobbleheads and Mojave Snow Globes
  • Damn Apocalypse
  • Eli’s Bunker Safehouse
  • Handmade Anti-Material Rifle
  • Portable Junk Recycler Mk 2 
  • Ryn’s Fallout 4 
  • Select Shotgun 
  • Settlement Keywords 
  • South of the Sea 
  • Tactical Flashlights
  • Thematic and Practical
  • True Storms
  • Workshop Framework
  • Workshop Plus
  • Mercenary Outfit Pack


  • Gun For Hire
    • Moved items to appropriate Utility category instead of default UTILITY
  • Volkssturmgewehr
    • Removed custom COBJ item and overwritten existing COBJ
  • Capital Wasteland 32 Pistol
    • Corrected Ammo craft location from Weaponsmith bench to Ammo bench
  • Gun For Hire
    • Moved items into custom Utility keyword category
  • Laser RCW
    • Added Science 3 perk requirement
    • Revised crafting components as they seemed a bit too cheap
  • Machine Guns Rebirth
    • Created ESP and ESL versions depending on type installed 


  • Capital Wasteland Workshop Pack Patch
  • Machine Guns Rebirth ESP Patch
  • Leveled Item Framework Patch
  • Capital Wasteland .32 Pistol Patch
  • Point Lookout Patch
  • Mojave Geckos Patch
  • Scavver’s Toolbox – Portable Junk Scrapping Patch
    • Additionally adds more components required to craft
    • Also includes a requirement for Scrapper 2 to craft
  • Main Module
    • Added “Toy” category for the Packaging workbench
    • Added “Camping” category for the Utility workbench
  • Hunter of the Commonwealth Patch
    • Moved Blowtorch to utility station
  • Campsite Patch
    • Moved all items into their own “Camping” category


  • Volkssturmgewehr Patch

  • CHEM_Other Keyword
    • Was originally categorized as Accessories, for some reason, now categorized as Other
  • NZ-41 Patch
    • Weapon COBJ was accidentally placed in Ammunition Workbench instead of Weaponsmith
  • Mercenary Pack Patch
    • Corrected and fixed a majority of COBJ items to properly show with requirements
    • Additionally recategorized most crafting items to the Clothing and Armorsmith Workbenches under appropriate categories based on the item



  • Laser RCW Patch
  • Munitions Patch
  • Automatron DLC Patch
    • Added conditions to craftable armor to lock until the first quest, “Mechanical Menace” has been completed