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The Gist

Throughout this page, you’ll find various parts of information regarding the modlist and it’s systems, pertaining critical and useful information for anyone needing guidance or anyone looking at how the modlist plays.

The main focus and theme for the modlist is to provide a more harsh look at Bethesda’s RPG-based game, by turning it into a truly survival-like, hardcore and challenging play style where everything and everyone is out to kill you. No longer will you be able to stab yourself like swiss cheese with Stimpaks, but instead have to use other methods for more reliable healing. Every enemy and NPC has had a significant change regarding AI and stats, reducing the bullet sponge enemies become by making ammo worth the time of collecting.

Much of the modlists goal is to maintain the best survival experience you’ll get by making the game challenging, yet fun with hundreds of hours of new content to explore.

25 - gG8VVo2

New Quests and Locations

Atomic Warfare comes shipped with hundreds of hours of new content to explore, from smaller miscellaneous quests to completely new and re-envisioned areas and parts of the story.

Go from exploring the Commonwealth to travelling all the way West to explore the grand New Vegas, or explore the once flourishing Point Lookout, what’s now become a swamp island filled with weird and grotesque creatures. Visit Nuka World with a completely new choice to your it’s ending, featuring Nuka World Plus. Want to let your Settlers decide how they live? Let your Settlers decide with Sim Settlements 2 + Chapter 2!

Listed below are all of the major quest and new land mods which are introduced in the modlist:

  • Project Mojave
    • Completely reintroduces Fallout: New Vegas’s worldspace (Partially) into Fallout 4 with a fully interactable and immersive way. Visit the mod page for more information.
  • Point Lookout
    • Remakes the entire Point Lookout DLC in Fallout 4, featuring fully voice dialogue, quests, new weapons and armors, locations, and more! Visit the mod page for more information.
  • Sim Settlements 2
    • A fantastic and well-made mod that introduces fully automated city-building/settlement building sustainability, so the player can avoid building 24/7 and play. Visit the mod page for more information.
  • Tales from the Commonwealth
    • Adds hundreds of hours of new Quests and Companions to explore, featuring completely new stories. Visit the mod page for more information.
  • Old Time Religion
    • Introduces a new story, with tons of new features such as a player home, companion, weapons, etc.. Visit the mod page for more information.
  • Miami Misadventures
    • Provides a short and fun interactive detective-based quest, offering new and unique weapons, apparel items, NPCs, and more! Visit the mod page for more information.
  • Fourville
    • Adds in a completely new and unique story focused on Salem’s acclaimed Vault 4, offering hundreds of hours of new stories. Visit the mod page for more information.
  • Project Zeta
    • Reintroduces the amazing Zetan race from the original Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas games in a new and lore-friendly manner. Visit the mod page for more information.
  • South of the Sea – Atom’s Storm
    • Introduces completely new locations and factions into the Glowing Sea, offering hours of exploration and more diversity. Visit the mod page for more information.
  • Gun For Hire
    • Introduces a new system, offering the player to become a Bounty Hunter and open a business for special radiant quests. Visit the mod page for more information.
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Wasteland Survival Guide

Various elements of the modlist will prompt for you, requiring input that determines how your game will play. Within the first few minutes of your release from the cryo-pod, or dream, you’ll be introduced to various elements of survival that the Modlist boasts about.

53 - cNMC4h3

Gas Masks

One of those main features being Gas Masks of the Wasteland, a staple in the modlist that offers a Metro Exodus like style system of gas masks that is outstanding. This feature provides a use to gas masks and a substantial change in radiation hazards. No longer will you be tanking radiation and being able to chug RadAway down, instead you can seriously harm and potentially kill yourself in seconds of being poisoned by radiation.

Your gas mask is the most essential tool while travelling the wasteland, and should be treated as much as Dogmeat. When battling, and wearing a gas mask, you can now take the risk of having your gas mask break resulting in leakage. This can gradually grow worse and worse, until your mask is completely broken and no longer preventing radiation damage. This is fixable by either using a similar mask, or spending components or kits on repairing it.

Additionally, gas masks require filters which are disposable and used as you intake more particles. These can be crafted through the Utility station, which is a great method for creating new filters in bulk. However, if you can’t expend the components to craft said filters, there’s usually an abundance of them in the Wasteland and on enemies or in traders stock.

31 - HnJABmA

Radiaton Poisoning

Along with the gas masks mechanic, and preventing radiation damage, is the chance to become a Ghoul. Yes, an actual Ghoul. It’s weird how all of these other people in the Wasteland seemingly became ghoulified yet the Sole Survivor can withstand the Glowing Sea and come out smoother than a baby’s butt. Well, not anymore with this modlist.

You now substantiate the risk of becoming a Ghoul yourself. This works in tandem with Gas Masks of the Wasteland and can be critical if you wish to not be ghoulified. However, what’s not to love about being a ghoul, you’re immortal, you’re a natural ally to Ghouls, you no longer take radiation poisoning, and… but wait, you’re also super ugly. This means that you suffer the consequences of debuffs to your Charismatic personality. Unfortunately, there’s no way to go back to being a smooth skin once you’re ghoulified.

As detailed from the Dynamic Ghoulification page:

  • Stage one is very minor skin peeling
  • Stage two is more visible peeling and by this point ghoulification is uncurable
  • Stage three is the final stage you will look increasingly more ghoulish and visibly ill
  • Stage 4 is full ghoulification, this will make the player no longer effected by radiation poisoning, feral ghouls will no longer attack the player on sight (can be provoked still), the players heal rate will be increased on based on how much radiation they have. This also comes with some charisma de-buffs as a trade off and well the fact your character will look like a corpse is another trade off.
Some factors that cause radiation poisoning can be:
  • Your Pip-Boy Flashlight
    • Leaving it on for too long can cause it to overheat, producing an increasing amount of radiation if left on for too long, OR if you have no Microfusion Cells to provide power to it.
  • Precipitation-based weather now instead of being a glorified raining simulator, can instead poison you with radiation if left unprotected. The Commonwealth is after all right next to a Glowing Sea of radiation, so it makes sense normal weather would also have radiation.
  • Rad Storms, which as per usual provide radiation but now on a more increased scale. Gas masks prevent this from happening for both Rad Storms and precipitation-based weather.
  • Water is now more volatile and can provide a substantial amount of radiation, since it makes sense that water would of course be affected by nukes.

If you’re not familiar with how deadly radiation can be, I highly recommend you watch the miniseries TV Show, Chernobyl.

28 - RbUlVGx

Self-Care and Combat

You may have noticed, that this list did say it was hardcore, and rightfully so the combat makes up a good chunk of that. That being, no longer will you boost stats with perks and become an absolute bullet sponge, nor will your enemies, but instead ballistics are more deadly than ever. Humanoids are now more susceptible to taking damage, and have little to no damage resistance without armor.

Additionally, damage is now defined by caliber and not gun, meaning that every gun based on the same caliber can have a similar damage value but each gun still plays beneficially different from each other. This also means, the bigger the caliber, the more damage, so finding that .50 caliber rifle will do some serious stopping power to larger creatures.

The average health pool for Humans is around 100, so for every .44 round it would only take two shots to completely kill a human with no armor.

Below are the damage values for each caliber, taken from the True Damage mod page:

Pistol Calibers

  • .38 = 18
  • .45 = 22
  • 10mm = 27
  • .44 = 55

Rifle Calibers

  • 5mm = 22
  • 5.56 = 32
  • 7.62 = 37
  • .45-70 = 37
  • .308 = 40
  • .50 = 120

Other Ammo

  • Shotgun shell = 120
  • 2mm EC = 120
  • Railway spike = 120
  • Cannon ball = 180

In tandem with True Damage, Damn Apocalypse’s combat module has been added as a lightweight and superior method to making combat all the more effective and entertaining. No longer are humans and humanoid creatures easily able to take a headshot and live through it, instead now if you think your gun can kill with a headshot, it probably can. Locational damage is also drastically changed, making crippling and limb damage more crucial and effective in the midst of combat.

As detailed on the Damn Apocalypse’s mod page:

  • Firearms are actually pretty dangerous stuff. Bullet sponges have been removed from the game. All HP pools are unleveled. Endurance now determines HP pool size.
  • Locational Damage is more accentuated. Head shots with a .50 BMG rifle can now one-hit most creatures, crippling limbs is easier.
  • Weapon recoil now has no springback, making burst fire and manual weapon control necessary for automatic weapons. Recoil mainly depends on caliber and weapon size, energy weapons have very little recoil.
  • Armor has been made more effective by raising the Damage Reduction Exponent.

On top of all of that, healing has been changed a fair bit in the sense that you can no longer rely on just Stimpaks. Instead there are new, streamlined medical items such as a Medkit, Compress, Splint, Radsoup and Coffee to help you in your survival. Each one has a significant purpose that benefits over using Stimpaks, making healing more varied in terms of items.

By default, these items don’t do anything other than heal you from the original mod, but I’ve taken the liberty on creating new methods of use for them within the Modlist. Eventually, a bleeding mechanic will be added for a reason to use compresses and medkits more often and to stress the significance of avoiding on taking bullets.

The Medkit is now a reliable source for healing all of your limbs, however it slowly does it over time instead of instantly. Splint Kits are also a very reliable method to healing limbs instantly, restoring the functionality of them which can be helpful mid-combat. Stimpaks however, no longer heal limbs at all and are only used as a method of restoring health.

27 - yzWM7r9

Power Armor

Power Armor has had a significant overhaul to really emphasize the idea that it’s not something to mess with. To really show how powerful and strong Power Armor can be, various locations throughout the Commonwealth that have had frames freely available are no longer available, along with that various frames you do find need to be repaired before becoming functional.

It also takes a new component in order to repair frames to a fully functional Power Armor set, the West-Tek Screw. This is a new piece required for Power Armor to repair and upgrade Power Armor pieces, which can be acquired from traders or by crafting. In order to craft these components, you need to acquire the manuals from any potential gun dealer such as Arturo from Diamond City, which come in at a hefty ~1500 caps.

You may have noticed that after the battle of the Concord Five, you’re immediately booted out of the Power Armor and warned that it is going to explode. This is only for this PA frame and is a introduction to the emphasis on how powerful Power Armor is. To make the Commonwealth a truly deadly place, some truly special and dedicated armor is needed in order to survive.

Power Armor no longer reduces damage taken, but instead is fully separate from your Health and acts as actual pieces now protecting you from damage. Each piece of armor is separated from your health, which in turn completely deters the idea of taking damage even behind 2 tons of steel. Once a piece of your armor breaks, your limb now becomes vulnerable to taking damage, but the rest of the Power Armor is still as effective and can still prevent damage.

As detailed on the Damn Apocalypse’s mod page:

  • There is no plausible explanation why the X-01 Power Armor even shows up in the game on regular loot tables. It is considered a prototype and thus is not trivial to acquire. There is exactly one set of X-01 armor plates remaining in the game, split among 6 newly crafted unmarked locations in the Commonwealth (3), Far Harbor (2) and Nuka-World(1). Look for crashed vertibirds.
  • There is no plausible explanation why T-60 is regularly found on generic Power Armor frames. Only Brotherhood of Steel and Atom Cats get to use the latest and spiffiest toys. Outside of the BoS and the Atom Cats, there is exactly one set of T-60 armor plates remaining in the game in a very well guarded location.
  • Raider Power Armor spawns as usual in some Raider camps, in Raider-type Boss Trunks and on high level random Raiders.
  • Regular military Power Armor – that being T-45 and T-51 plates – can be found at Power Armor vendors (Arturo, Atom Cats, any Level3+ Settlement Armor or Weapons Vendor, Proctor Teagan) and in military location Boss Trunks. Or looted off enemies, naturally.
  • Operational Power Armor frames are hard to get in the first place. Most frames found in the worldspace without any barrier to them have been disabled. Those that remain have to be fixed up into an operational state again (see videos). This is locked behind perk/SPECIAL requirements with the option of finding a magazine that unlocks this. There is a very limited number of operational frames with some plates on them remaining, in places where it makes sense for them to be. You can still buy a frame at Power Armor vendors for a very prohibitive price.
  • “When Freedom Calls” will no longer let the player keep the power armor found on the Museum of Freedom. The Power Armor frame will still play a part in the quest but will be taken from the player upon quest completion.
  • Repairing military-grade armor plates requires a new component to make Raider armor plates more attractive: West-Tek Proprietary Screws. Said component (or rather, its crafting recipe) is locked behind a Service Manual magazine. The screws can also be bought at Power Armor vendors in small quantities at a high price.
  • Armor Plate upgrades have had their costs adjusted and some cosmetic changes and value shifts so armor plate upgrades feel more plausible.
  • Promotional Armor Plates in Nuka-World have been re-statted to be only Props. Their paint jobs have been added as unlockable regular paint jobs for regular armor plates. They’re more useful as a scarecrow or for decorational purposes now. The custom painted T-51s in Far Harbor are now both accessible during/after the late main quest in Far Harbor.
33 - EWSFNwK

Looting and Scavenging

Various parts of the Commonwealth’s loot and scavenging has been changed significantly in the sense that the Wasteland has been around for 200 years, with generations of people occupying and living in it. To really reflect that, various parts of the loot system and loot tables have been tweaked in a drastic way.

56 - GNZN1qi

Loot Scarcity

Various pieces of loot tables and chances have been changed using the Damn Apocalypse Loot module, which adds tons of changes in order to truly make the Commonwealth’s scrap and looting more interesting. No longer will you randomly find a Grilled Radroach inside of a toolbox, because now every piece of loot is location-aware. This means, for example, when you are in a hospital, the area will be more abundant with medical items like scalpels, IV Bags, medications, etc. or say you’re in a factory, more factory orientated items like steel and copper will be abundant there. If you’re expecting a certain piece of loot to be in a place, then it probably is there.

Valuable loot and any sort of critical item like a weapon is now more rare in unlocked, readily lootable containers meaning no longer will you find a functional and operating gun in a toolbox. Most valuables and important items are now locked behind various levels of containers, encouraging you to level that lockpick skill up. Ideally, it’s safe to say that looting will be more exciting and worth the effort.

As detailed on the Damn Apocalypse’s mod page:

  • Loot is now location-aware. You will find more medicine in hospitals, more ammunition in military bases, more scrap in industrial locations, more food in inhabitated places.
  • Finding anything in unlocked containers is somewhat rare, finding anything useful in unlocked containers is even more rare. To counteract the seeming absence of items, around a dozen of new trash items have been added.
  • Pre-war and post-war locations/containers are distinguished by their loot lists. No more Jet in Safes locked 200 years ago. You know, before Jet was even a thing.
  • Hand-placed loot is not a guaranteed item X at position Y. There is a chance for any hand-placed food item to spawn a trash item instead. The specific item is also randomized to a degree.
  • There are no completely useless items. Everything has some use.
  • DLC items are loosely integrated into the Commonwealth where it makes sense. This means things like Vim! in the Commonwealth, or DLC weapons showing up on normal Commonwealth Raiders.
  • Doctor service rates are raised considerably and bartering is generally less favorable for the player.
  • All crafting recipes that would enable easily farming a lot of bottlecaps have been nerfed to the point where they do not break the economy anymore. This includes things like Jet or Purified Water.
  • Lockpicking is more rewarding. Locked containers are the most reliable way to find useful (non-scrap) items. Lockpicking is also a bit harder now. Non-Locksmith characters should consider installing a mod that enables alternative lock opening methods.
  • Acquiring higher level weaponry is less reliable, making lower level guns (like Pipe Rifles) more useful. Enemies can drop broken, non-functional weapons with a 1 in 4 chance to drop a functional gun. Melee weapons do not spawn broken. Broken weapons often have valuable components.
  • Animals will not drop any meat directly. Their corpse has to be harvested with a Hunting Kit for the meat to appear (see videos). Hunting Kits can be crafted at the Chem Workbench or bought at stores.
  • Getting fresh produce from crops is not guaranteed – crops will randomly return spoiled or unripe fruits and vegetables which have different applications than fresh ones. The way this is done prevents the “<Crop> added” UI notification from appearing, this is a known limitation.
  • Fusion cores will generally not be fully charged, except if bought from a vendor. Fusion generators will actually turn off when the FC is removed (the flickering light will stay off).
  • Obviously, everything that’s not scrap is moderately to very rare. This includes ammo, medicine, food, water and chems. Location-aware loot can be abused to counteract this. Useful things can generally be found where they are not surprising to be found.
  • Consumable items that come in containers should not have their containers simply vanish into thin air on consumption. Packaged foods, drinks and chems now have a chance to return a trash item. The chance is higher if the player has the “Scrapper” perk.
25 - gG8VVo2

Technical Information

The modlist makes many modifications to the vanilla scheme and technical side, which requires manual input from each user playing the modlist. An example, are the hotkeys provided through the Mod Configuration Menu which require every user to adjust and modify the default game hotkeys to better fit the controls scheme, as shown below.

Controls Scheme

Below is a recommended and preconfigured control scheme for the Modlist to prevent mods conflicting over the same key binds. This helps sort and identify which keys are used for what, and allows for customizability while knowing which keys are assigned to what.

Sky Blue – Single press keys that don’t require a primary activation key combination.
Orange – Combination keys required with a primary key activator, labeled as Activator.