A place for a centralized and stored database of changes and additions to the modlist, for public view.

Table of Contents



  • Paraphernalia – Anti-Flicker
  • Motionless Rocks Killing People Fix

Models & Textures

  • Better Pelts and Hides
  • Imperial Armors and Weapons Retexture
  • Steel Armors and Weapons Retexture
  • Blades Armors and Weapons Retexture
  • Elven Armors and Weapons Retexture

Gameplay – AI & Combat

  • Combat Pathing Revolution

VERSION 1.19.1

A more minor update but an update that corrects a few issues that are necessary. This should resolve the issues with the other presets not taking in effect the changes made and having various mods disabled. If you were playing on those profiles with the various mods disabled, I highly recommend disregarding that playthrough and starting anew.

A few new additions have been added, such as Ryn’s Dragon Mounds mod which tops everything off for all of the dragon mound locations and ensures consistency throughout them. Additionally, dTry’s Plugin Updates has been added, giving more up-to-date functionality for the mods in the list already.

Save Unbaker has been additionally added to help save files prevent save bloating and/or poorly referenced records that are required from mods, especially when new mods are added mid-save.

Additionally, various mods have been updated to fix various issues within those mods themselves and offer more stability and fixed issues within the modlist.

  • Save Unbaker
  • dTry Plugin Updates
  • Inventory Interface Information Injector
  • Ryn’s Dragon Mounds
  • powerofthree’s Tweaks
  • powerofthree’s Papyrus Extender
  • Unique Map Weather Framework
  • NPC Animation Remix (DAR)
  • Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes
  • JS Rumpled Rugs SE
  • Rain Ash And Snow Shaders
  • Snowy Surfaces Sound Collision and Aesthetics
  • Daedric Armors and Weapons Retexture
  • Dragon Weapons and Armor Retexture
  • Ebony Armors and Weapons Retexture
  • Ulvenwald Trees – Forests of Skyrim
  • Seasonal Landscapes
  • Skyland AIO
  • Other Profile Presets
    • Fixed modlist, load orders and plugin list to match and enable the appropriate mods

VERSION 1.19.0

A new save is not required, but is recommended.

Whew, this update is pretty hefty with tons of new additions and locations to explore, that you’ll have a guaranteed blast of time discovering and exploring these new changes.

Most notably, a bunch of Ryn’s new Burial Mound mods have been included as part of a staple in the modlist. These include small touch-ups to the existing locations by adding new enemies, secrets and overall architecture to the areas around the burial mounds.

Additionally, a more worthy notable change is the inclusion of Movement Behavior Overhaul, Dual Wield Block and Intuitive Dragon Ride Control. These various mods add new functionality and changes to make movement much more fluid and controllable. MBO has been included as a touch up to the rough transitions between movement states so there’s no more snapping when changing running directions. Dual Wield Block has been automatically setup through the MCM Recorder, which uses the Mouse Button 4 (Side button), but if you do not have the respective button you can change it. Intuitive Dragon Ride Control implies changes as it is named, it gives more control over the flight of dragons and allows you to essentially control them.

Along with those changes, a fantastic new mod by Dylan James and Nightfallstorm called Alchemy Recipe Expansion has been added, which takes already existing ingredients from CC content and DLCs and integrates them into new recipes which create various types of potions. More detail on the mod page.

A smaller notable change is the inclusion of AIM FIX, which corrects the adjustment of the crosshair to properly display where your arrow will land almost exactly. This will help users who don’t use True Directional Movements target lock feature.

As per usual, more information is logged in the changelogs.

  • Keyword Item Distributor
  • dTry’s Key Utils AE NG
  • Constructible Object Custom Keyword System – Seperate Weapon and Armor
  • Sound Record Distributor
  • Acoustic Space Improvement Fixes
  • New Praying Animations (DAR)
  • Female Player Animations (DAR)
  • QuickLoot EE
  • Movement Behavior Overhaul
  • Dual Wield Block
  • Beating Daedra Sound Mod
  • Regional Sounds Expansion
  • Intuitive Dragon Ride Control
  • Iron Armors and Weapons Retexture
  • Cooking Categories Improvement
  • Seasonal Alchemy Add-on – Critters and Fungi and Farms
  • Married NPCs Wear Wedding Bands
  • Dynamic Animal Variants SPID
  • Skyrim Children Refine
  • Ryn’s Witchmist Slope
  • Ryn’s Bonestrewn Flats
  • Ryn’s Mzulft Foothills
  • Ryn’s Karth River Forest
  • Ryn’s Autumnshade Woods
  • Ryn’s Great Henge
  • Ryn’s Lost Tongue Pass
  • Ryn’s Autumnwatch Woods
  • Ryn’s Robber’s Gorge Bluffs
  • Taarengrav Barrow
  • Vampire Lines Expansion
  • Recipe Auto-Learn
  • Alchemy Recipe Expansion
  • Northern Roads – Patches Compendium
  • Discord Rich Presence
  • ENB Input Disabler
  • ACC – Autorun Console Commands
  • Quick Loot RE
    • This has been replaced in favor with QuickLoot EE, which adds more compatibility and version support
  • Audio Overhaul
  • Ryn’s Kynesgrove Burial Mound
  • Dragonbreaker UI
  • Dear Diary Dark Mode
  • Compass Navigation Overhaul
  • Better Third Person Selection
  • Recursion FPS Fix (Known also as Recursion Monitor)
  • Northern Roads Patch Collection
  • Dragonbreaker UI Installation
    • Tweaked FOMOD installation and chose appropriate add-ons to resolve various UI issues
  • Turn of the Seasons Installation

Modlist Add-ons

  • Gameplay Tweaks Add-on
  • Nemesis Output
    • Regenerated for the latest inclusions of Dual Wield Block and Movement Behavior Overhaul

VERSION 1.18.0

Requires New Save

A more tuned up and revised update, focusing on fixing various issues and removing Skyrim Unbound Reborn for Alternate Perspective to provide a more streamlined alternate start experience.

Alternate Perspective provides a new route to beginning your adventure, and introduces a more simplified and compatible version of an alternate start to your game with an immersive and lore-friendly introduction to the game. You can now choose to start in Helgen, allowing you to roleplay your experience as a villager who lives in Helgen or simply experience what it was like before the Dragon attack. 

Additionally, an issue with AI has been fixed, as the mod Dynamic Weather and Time Based Detection seemed to make too drastic of changes that couldn’t be tweaked anymore than what was provided so it has been completely removed, essentially fixing AI combat and detection.

Various texture mods have also been added from the amazing author Xavbio. This includes various retextures of armors and weapons throughout Skyrim, as well as a few select mods.

Another smaller, less-important note is that I will no longer be uploading the Wabbajack installation files to Nexus. This is mostly due to the ability of having a control hosted via Wabbajack.


  • Read the Room – Immersive and Animated Helmet Management
  • Unmarked Locations Pack
  • Ryn’s Kynesgrove Burial Mound
  • Ryn’s Mistwatch Folly
  • Alternate Perspective
  • Skyland Common and Upper Furniture
  • Skyland Noble Furniture
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn – Armor of the Crusader Retexture
  • Dragon Weapons and Armor Retexture
  • Bosmer Armor Pack Retexture
  • Ebony Armors and Weapons Retexture
  • Daedric Armors and Weapons Retexture
  • Orcish Armors and Weapons Retexture
  • Environs – Kolskeggr
    • And additional patches
  • Environs – The Shrines of Talos
    • And additional patches
  • Auto Parallax
  • The Clever Prisoner
  • UIExtensions
  • MCM Recorder
    • Reintroducing this instead of Settings Loader for a more wide range of settings being able to be saved
  • Skyrim Unbound Reborn
  • Dynamic Weather and Time Based Detection
    • The overall experience for this mod caused various issues regardless of the settings applied, causing AI in general to behave stupidly
  • Infinity UI
  • Compass Navigation Overhaul
  • Environs – The Greenwood Shack
  • Various Parts of the Modlist Installation
    • Much of the Modlist’s installation has been changed in order to properly replicate the modlist to avoid any potential issues
  • Nemesis Output
  • SSELODGen Output
  • DynDOLOD Output

VERSION 1.17.2

This update resolves the common issue with missing textures for various areas in cliffs that was very prevalent.

Additionally, the HMB II FaceGen files from the mod page have been included to provide pregenerated and ready to go facegen files for various mods. This should resolve various issues with missing or improper details placed on NPCs, as well as potential resolutions to NPCs who may have been experiencing the dark face bug.

  • HMB II FaceGen Files
  • Northern Roads
  • Northern Roads Patch Collection
  • iiENB Preset
    • Now is the main preset preferred and recommended for the setup
  • ENB Complex Grass – Patch Compendium
  • PI-CHO ENB Preset
  • Unofficial eFPS Patches
  • Snowy Surfaces Sound Collision and Aesthetics
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE – Settings Loader
  • Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition – Legacy Settings Loader
  • Conditional Expressions – Subtle Face Animations – Settings Loader
  • Wintersun – Faiths of Skyrim – Settings Loader
  • Skyrim Wayshrines Installation
    • Added Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes Patch
    • Added Bruma Patch
  • Snowy Surfaces Sound Collision and Aesthetics
    • Changed installation options for Majestic Mountains from Parallax to Vanilla

VERSION 1.17.1

A super simple and quick hotfix resolving the issue with the Dragonsreach, Great Porch crashing upon entering it. This should now no longer persist and has been fully resolved.

Courtesy to G306 in Modding Lounge for finding out this issue.

  • Compressed Mod Installations
    • Undid the compression and optimization to a few mods as this seemed to cause corrupt and bad nif files

VERSION 1.17.0

Requires New Save

This update features necessary changes and additions that fix issues throughout the modlist, such as crashing when fast travelling or HDT-SMP issues with Improved Camera.

A notable change is the change of Nature of the Wild Lands in favor of Ulvenwald Trees, which is a nice, optimized and great mod adding support for Seasons of Skyrim with beautiful looking trees.

Additionally, another notable change is the change in plugin load order. Originally, this was done based off of LOOT, which ultimately was a bad decision. The plugin load order is now reordered in the order that the mods were installed, giving priority to mods which make smaller changes and still adding compatibility for larger mods.

Unfortunately, the crashing issue with the Great Patio has not been resolved. I am investigating and trying to figure out the cause. If anyone can, please go through and thanos the modlist and help me find the culprit of this issue.

There have been various other major changes in this update as well, so best to look at the changelog notes to the right for more detail.

  • Survival Mode Improved – SKSE
  • Animation Queue Fix
  • Hunterborn – Quick Loot Workaround
  • Show Player In Menus
  • The Innocence Lost – Quest Expansion
  • Vanilla SMP Clothing
  • Ulvenwald Trees – Forests of Skyrim
  • Seasonal Landscapes
  • Animals Swim (Sort of)
  • Seasonal Landscapes – CACO Patch
  • Taunt Your Enemies – Taunting Matters – Settings Loader
  • The Notice Board SE MCM
  • TK Dodge
    • Adds alternative dodging replacing CGOs dodge feature, other features will be added later down the road if possible
  • Survival Mode Improved
  • HDT-SMP Force Fields
    • Caused issues and crashes when ran alongside Improved Camera
  • Caliente’s Beautiful Body Enhancer
  • Combat Gameplay Overhaul
    • Ultimately had various issues, caused problems with the character and animations, and was poor on bug fixes
  • Modernize – Vanilla Version
    • Replaced by Vanilla SMP Clothing with more optimized SMP meshes and physics handling
  • CoMap
    • Caused various issues and crashes when fast travelling
  • powerofthree’s Papyrus Extender
  • FormList Manipulator
  • Base Object Swapper
  • RaceMenu
  • Dynamic Animation Replacer
  • Dynamic Animation Casting – NG
  • Unofficial Skyrim Modder’s Patch
  • Shadow Diffusion (Now Soft Shadows)
  • Shadow Boost
  • Spell Perk Item Distributor
  • Immersive Equipping Animations
  • Immersive Interactions – Animated Actions
  • NPC Animation Remix (DAR)
  • EVG Animated Traversal
  • EVG Animated Traversal – Skyrim Integration
  • Splashes of Storms
  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod Improvement Mod
  • Snowy Surfaces Sound Collision and Aesthetics
  • SPID for Footprints
  • SPID for Footprints Fix
  • The Refinery – Ingots. Ores. Veins
  • Cathedral 3D Mountain Flowers – Base Object Swapper
  • Windhelm Fences 3D
  • Silver Objects SMIMed
  • JS Rumpled Rugs SE
  • Simplicity of Snow
  • Cathedral – 3D Deathbell
  • Cathedral – 3D Thistle
  • Majestic Mountains
  • Majestic Mountains – More Accurate Collision
  • Realistic Water Two
  • Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes
  • Skyland AIO
  • Improved Camera Installation
  • Creation Club Installation
    • Moved each Creation Club mod into their own respective folder


  • Plugin Load Order
    • Reordered the entire plugin load order based on the order of mods installed in the left-pane
    • This should help with various conflicts and issues

VERSION 1.16.1

Not so much of a major update, but one that is essential. This update introduces a few fixes for some game breaking things and adds in a few new things, such as Constructible Object Custom Keyword System, eh-em umm short for… no never mind.

This mod introduces what CCOR was achieving previously, but on a more intuitive and user friendly process by categorizing crafting items based on keywords, with native support to most mods already included in the list. A patch for Dragonbreaker UI has also been included, adding compatibility and consistency for the mod and the interface.

Additionally, Equipment Toggle has been removed for user convenience since it seemed to cause a bunch of issues, such as invisible weapons when equipped, bows randomly disappearing when they shouldn’t, helmets randomly equipping, etc..

  • Constructible Object Custom Keyword System
  • Forsworn and Thalmor Lines Expansion
  • ElSopa – Potions Redone
  • Rain Extinguishes Fires
  • HDT-SMP Force Fields
  • Equipment Toggle
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn
  • Markarth Outskirts
    • Hopefully this update resolves the flickering and missing objects present in the modlist.
  • Dragonbreaker UI
    • Additionally added patch for Constructible Object Custom Keyword System
  • DynDOLOD Resources
  • DynDOLOD Output
  • SSELODGen Output
  • Nemesis Output
    • This should correct and fix the corrupt behavior files present in animations, resulting in CTDs