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Ensure you meet the prerequisites before proceeding on installing the modlist.

Modlist Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Minimum Specifications

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6GB

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6-Core x 2

8GB DDR4 3200MHz


Personal Specifications

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070Ti 8GB

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core x 2

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB DDR4



The Modlist installation requires you to preferably have a clean game installation. What this means is to ensure that no content other than the game files and all Creation Club content is installed within your games directory folder.

The way this Modlist manages direct root game files and mod files is by implementing a plugin for Mod Organizer called Root Builder, which directly injects any files that are meant to be inside of the Root folder such as ENBSeries. Further instructions can be found down below.

Cleaning Game Files

  1. Begin by (re)installing Skyrim SE, with all of the Creation Club content.
  2. Once you’ve done that, go to Documents > MyGames > SkyrimSE and delete all of the files located within there
    1. Skip if you have other Modlists installed, these should be a shared resource.
  3. Launch the game via Steam to generate new INI files

Concerns for Default Game Files

As many of you may be aware, many Wabbajack Modlists utilize a feature called Stock Game that prevents Modlists from overwriting the main directory of your game installation so you can simultaneously install multiple Modlists at once. However, this modlist does not use the Stock Game feature, instead it uses a plugin called Root Builder.

What Root Builder is, is it’s a plugin that allows root directed files such as SKSE, ENBSeries, etc. to be directly or virtually implemented into the game folder without actually having to install it directly.

The benefits of this are as follows:

  • Seamlessly integrate root files, such as SKSE, ENBseries and Presets directly into the game directory
  • Installation of root mods like any other normal mod installation through Mod Organizer
  • Simple enabling/disabling of root mods for further compatibility amongst other Modlists
  • Keeps the game installation clean, similar to the Stock Game feature in Wabbajack
No further steps are needed for you to do. Each time you launch the game, Root Builder will automatically deploy the necessary root files such as SKSE, ENBSeries, etc. into the games folder.

Wabbajack Installation

Download and install the Modlist via the Nexus Mods main file through the Wabbajack installer program.

I recommend using a folder structure similar to this:

					Wabbajack (Make this)
┗ Downloads (Make this, set the Downloads directory for the mods to this)
┗ Modlists (Make this, modlists you download will be installed inside of here)
  ┗ Fable Lore (Make this, then set the modlist installation path to this) 
    ┗ (Wabbajack Files Will Download Here)

Note that the installation of the Wabbajack Modlist REQUIRES to be installed on the same drive as your Skyrim SE installation, otherwise things will fail.

It is also highly recommended to ensure that your Skyrim SE installation is outside of any Windows Protected folders, I.E. Program Files (x86) and Program Files. Ideally, just simply install your games outside of your Windows installation drive.

Optionally, once you’ve got the Modlist installed, you can add a shortcut to the executable file inside of the Mod Organizer installation to directly launch the Modlist every time.

Updating The Modlist

If and when an update is released for the Modlist, you can simply overwrite the same directory to where you first installed the Modlist. Simply download the latest version, install through Wabbajack and set the installation location to the current directory for the Modlist.

Note that doing this will overwrite any changes you have made to mods, any additional mods you’ve added, and any files generally made by you. If you would like to save these files, simply create a folder elsewhere and save all of the mods, configs, and files you wish to keep in that folder and re-add them every time.

If you wish to prevent this, simply add [NoDelete] to the beginning of any mod you personally installed into Mod Organizer and Wabbajack will know to avoid removing this. Courtesy of Screaming Lake for this

Transferring Characters Over

In the new 1.12.0 update, character transfers over saves is now possible thanks to Ethereal Tools. This is a pretty simple and self-explanatory method, however a small instructional guide below can be found to managing this.

  1. Begin by loading up any current save you wish to transfer the character from. (Even if it gives you missing esp errors, just load it)
  2. In the MCM page, locate and open Ethereal Tools
  3. Begin by ensuring the Control Context option is set to Save.
  4. Under the Player Information category, click ALL OF THE ABOVE to save all of the players information.
    1. You can either do that, or choose individually what you want to save.
  5. Additionally, choose anything under Player Misc that you wish to save, I.E. your inventory or Favorites.
    1. Optionally you can choose mods in the Mod Integration category if you wish to save progress such as leveling and stats from those as well, I.E. Hunterborn.
  6. Change the Control Context to Rename and in the top right under Data Management, click rename and name it to your character.
  7. Load up the new save you want to transfer your character information over to.
  8. Back in the MCM configuration menu, go to the Transcription Tools section (If you’re not already there) and change the Control Context to Restore.
  9. Under the Data Management category, choose the data record you just saved previously and click restore for any of the options you saved from before.
  10. Close the MCM. Profit!


Tweaking INIs with BethINI

This step is completely optional, and does not requiure any processing unless you’re having issues with the INIs yourself. BethINI is one of the most essential tools for modding Bethesda games, and offers optimized values for each config option you can edit. For this, you should configure the INIs for your game to your own system.

As of the 1.12.0 update, you no longer need to focus on editing specific values through BethINI except for the resolution of your screen.

Download BethINI, make sure Mod Organizer is closed and launch BethINI. In the Basics tab, under resolution, set it to your screens native resolution. Then hit Save and Exit.

Utilizing ENBSeries

ENBSeries and a provided preset are already introduced with the installation of Fable Lore, and compliment the current setup. However, if you’re not satisfied with it you may choose to disable all ENB related content via teh Mod Organizer 2 program in the left-pane.

MCM In-Game Settings

With update 1.18.0, MCM Recorder has been introduced as a replacement to the Settings Loader, as since not all config menus were supported, this route makes it much easier and more simplified in the process of applying pre-configured MCM Settings.

The modlist now comes shipped with a Recording that is preconfigured to the modlists theme and needs. To run this Recording, open the MCM page, locate the MCM Recorder menu, and click Fable Lore Settings. A few popups will show and then it will ask what you want to do with this recording. Click Run Recording

Give it about a few minutes and everything will be configured to the preset. If, for any reason, you need/want to change the settings, by all means do. You can make your own recording and apply that after you’ve ran the base Recording for the modlist.