A place for a centralized and stored database of changes and additions to the modlist, for public view.

Please note, that any prior version other than the latest one listed is unsupported and can not be diagnosed as things change.

Table of Contents


This is just a rather quick and small hotfix, including a necessary change to correct the installation of the modlist so it’s properly loaded.

Fixed an issue with the modlist installation not loading any of the required plugins for MO2 to ensure the game can load properly. This will fix the issue with the CTDs at the main menu and the omod plugin popup. The TTW 3.3.2 hotfix has also been included.

  • TTW Hotfix
  • Modlist Compilation and Installation
    • Fixed the issue with the mod organizer installation process messing up, resulting in none of the necessary plugins for MO2 to load whatsoever

Modlist Documentation

  • Included a Configuring NVIDIA Control Panel section for NVIDIA GPU users to specify a few settings in making the list more stable


A new save is required.

This update is quite a large update, featuring more mods from Wasteland Prospects as well as various new mods, such as many character creation mods.

Rather than using NVR3R, it has been replaced with select texture and mesh replacer mods for the vanilla body, which offer greater detail in the looks of NPCs. This should give a highe rfidelity to various NPCs throughout Nevada and the Capital Wasteland.

Additionally, various meshes/texture and animation mods have been added to offer more life-like interaction and activity in the Wasteland, such as animated world events like blimps, vending machines, TVs, etc.. This will ideally provide a more interactive wasteland and offer smaller QoL details to the wasteland. Along with this, LOD resources have been added and LOD has been generated for the modlist.

  • Brave New World
  • Heatstroke – Wasteland Survival
  • TYPE4 – Body and Armors
  • Type 4 – Alternative Outfits
  • More Modest Type 4 Body and Armor
  • Improved Vanilla Male Body
  • Megaton Hairs – Vegas Edition by zzjay
  • Simple Hairs – New Vegas
  • Simple Hairs Replace Vanilla Hairs
  • Male hair pack
  • Vanilla Hair – No Shine
  • Natural eyes by zzjay
  • Wasteland Warrior – A Melee Animation Overhaul
  • Animated Player Interactions
  • Animated Ingestibles
  • Combat Radio Toggle
  • Radio Toggle Key
  • Strip Crowds
  • Another Millenia
  • Canvas Backpacks
  • Animated Microfilm Machines
  • TTW Animated Wasteland
  • AmaccurzerO’s Animated Mojave
  • AmaccurzerO’s Animated Wasteland
  • Animated Market stall cloth pack
  • Various Animation Mods by Ashens2014
  • Fog-based Object Culling
  • Improved LOD Noise Texture
  • LOD additions and improvements
  • Much Needed LOD
  • FNV LOD Texture Patches
  • TCM’s LOD Overhaul
  • Wasted LOD – Cliffs of DC
  • Dinky the Deluxe Dinosaur – Definitive Dinky Retexture
  • High Quality Picket Fences
  • Field Ready Combat Rangers
  • Assorted Leather Armor Retexture
  • Assorted NCR Armor Retexture
  • Assorted Legion Armor Retexture
  • Architecture Retexture Pack
  • Physically Based Wood Crates
  • Physically Based Chems
  • Physically Based Parkware
  • Physically Based Collection
  • Physically Based Kitchenware
  • Micro Clutter
  • Various Model and Texture Mods by MadMonkey119
  • Better Benches – Workbenches Retextured
  • aMidianBorn NV Superb Mutants
  • Chem Retex
  • Chip Worth Dying For – Better Platinum Chip
  • Weapon Retexture from EVE
  • Securitrons On Alert
  • TTW – Energy Visuals Plus
  • Follower Formula Redone – TTW Version
  • Sunny Companion Hardcore
  • Simple Open Freeside
  • Simple Open Strip
  • Lively Series by zebumper
  • TTW – Megaton Lighting Overhaul
  • Vish’s Patch Hub (TTW)
  • Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered – Butcher Pete Animation Patch
  • Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered – Wasteland Warrior Animation Patch
  • New Vegas Anti Crash
    • Unnecessary and removes various notifications and awareness to mods that potentially break things
  • NVR3R
  • Fallout Character Overhaul
  • Uncut Wasteland Installations
    • The WSG downloads have been corrected to use the right links for downloads

Modlist Add-ons

  • Load Order
    • Reordered a few mods to sort out conflicts
  • Modlist Patch
    • Removed various races from FCO as playable races to prevent crashing on character creation
    • Included various conflict resolutions to resolve issues between mods