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Ensure you meet the prerequisites before proceeding on installing the modlist.

Modlist Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Minimum Specifications

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6GB

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6-Core x 2

8GB DDR4 3200MHz


Personal Specifications

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070Ti 8GB

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core x 2

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB DDR4


33 - EWSFNwK


The installation process is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require much user input. For this reason, it’s a simple installation process that doesn’t require much documentation. The Modlist uses a system called Root Builder for managing root directed game files, such as ENBs, NVSE, etc.. 

Note that the Modlist installation process only supports Steam in the U.S. unfortunately. There is currently no way of shipping availability to other platforms with Wabbajack that supports other regions and platforms.

Concerns for Default Game Files

As many of you may be aware, many Wabbajack Modlists utilize a feature called Stock Game that prevents Modlists from overwriting the main directory of your game installation so you can simultaneously install multiple Modlists at once. However, this modlist does not use the Stock Game feature, instead it uses a plugin called Root Builder.

What Root Builder is, is it’s a plugin that allows root directed files such as NVSE, ENBSeries, etc. to be directly or virtually implemented into the game folder without actually having to install it directly.

The benefits of this are as follows:

  • Seamlessly integrate root files, such as NVSE, ENBseries and Presets directly into the game directory
  • Installation of root mods like any other normal mod installation through Mod Organizer
  • Simple enabling/disabling of root mods for further compatibility amongst other Modlists
  • Keeps the game installation clean, similar to the Stock Game feature in Wabbajack
  • Allows complete automation of a modlist installation, such as this modlist
No further steps are needed for you to do. Each time you launch the game, Root Builder will automatically deploy the necessary root files such as NVSE, ENBSeries, etc. into the games folder.

Disabling Steam Shader Pre-Caching

For some unknown reason, it seems that NVHR and Steam Shader Pre-Caching have significant issues together and can cause potential and unnecessary crashes within the game. To fix this, simply load up Steam, in the top-left where it says Steam, click that and then locate to Settings.

In the window that just popped up, at the very bottom of the list of settings, look for Shader Pre-Caching, open that and untick any boxes inside of it, then close and save.

Wabbajack Installation

Download and install the Modlist via the Wabbajack program found in the unofficial Fallout: New Vegas game section.

I recommend using a folder structure similar to this:

					Wabbajack (Make this)
┗ Downloads (Make this, set the Downloads directory for the mods to this)
┗ Modlists (Make this, modlists you download will be installed inside of here)
  ┗ Wasteland Prospects (Make this, then set the modlist installation path to this) 
    ┗ (Wabbajack Files Will Download Here)

Note that the installation of the Wabbajack Modlist REQUIRES to be installed on the same drive as your Fallout: New Vegas installation, otherwise things will fail.

It is also highly recommended to ensure that your Fallout: New Vegas installation is outside of any Windows Protected folders, I.E. Program Files (x86) and Program Files. Ideally, just simply install your games outside of your Windows installation drive.

Optionally, once you’ve got the Modlist installed, you can add a shortcut to the executable file inside of the Mod Organizer installation to directly launch the Modlist every time.

New Vegas Reloaded Installation

This step is completely optional and not required, however it can seriously change how your game looks by drastically overhauling the graphics engine within Fallout New Vegas.

New Vegas Reloaded, NVR for short, is a project by various people from the TES Reloaded server, continuously providing updates for an amazing open source project. It provides a wide range of various tweaks and graphical adjustments that ultimately make it a great alternative to ENB.

To install NVR, begin by visiting the TES Reloaded Discord server and locate to the #nightly-builds channel to find the file provided by Mathieu C. Once downloaded, extract all of the files located in the archive folder to the [Optional] New Vegas Reloaded mod folder found in MO2 under the Wasteland Prospects – New Vegas Reloaded separator.

Please note that any support for NVR shouldn’t be taken directly into the server, but first into the Modding Lounge server to diagnose whether the issue pertains to NVR or not. Any support asked for NVR in the NVR server will be disregarded and you will be redirected to the Modding Lounge if necessary.

New Vegas Reloaded Preview

Installing New Vegas Heap Replacer

Unfortunately, due to the way NVHR works, for some unknown reason the mod can’t be installed the usual way within Mod Organizer so it must be done as a manual installation step. It’s a pretty simple process, but it goes as follows:

  1. Download the NVHR archive via the Nexus Mods page
  2. Extract the archive anywhere, then open the folder of the archive
  3. Drag and drop all of the files as is into your New Vegas game installation

Installing Tale of Two Wastelands

Due to the way that the TTW installation and the Wabbajack compilation process function, the TTW installation has to be done manually. This is a rather fairly simple process however, so nothing tedious is around the corner for you.

Before you begin the installation process for TTW, ensure that Mod Organizer 2 is fully closed, otherwise issues with the plugin load order may arise.

To begin the process, follow the steps as is:

  1. Download and install the TTW Installer, extract the archive to any location and open the newly extracted folder.
  2. Inside of the folder, open the TTW Install executable and wait for it to pop-up
  3. For both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, direct the paths to wherever your game installations are
  4. This is important, for the Tale of Two Wastelands location, direct it to the mod folder Tale of Two Wastelands inside of the modlists mods folder
    1. I.E. it should look something like so, E:\YOUR_DRIVE\The Badlands\mods\Tale of Two Wastelands
    2. It will now look exactly like the above, but the most important part is \The Badlands\mods\Tale of Two Wastelands
  5. Once you’ve ensured the paths are correct, go ahead and click Install

Now that you’ve followed the instructions, the installation process for TTW will begin and start installing all of the necessary files into the modlist. Once this has finished, you can begin launching Mod Organizer 2 and the game itself.



If and when an update is released for the Modlist, you can simply overwrite the same directory to where you first installed the Modlist. Simply download the latest version, install through Wabbajack and set the installation location to the current directory for the Modlist.

Note that doing this will overwrite any changes you have made to mods, any additional mods you’ve added, and any files generally made by you. If you would like to save these files, simply create a folder elsewhere and save all of the mods, configs, and files you wish to keep in that folder and re-add them every time.

If you wish to prevent mods from being deleted that are added by you, simply add [NoDelete] to the beginning of any mod you personally installed into Mod Organizer and Wabbajack will know to avoid removing this. Courtesy of Screaming Lake for this.

25 - gG8VVo2


With the installation, comes pre-configured INIs for supporting mods that allow it. Many of the mods in the MCM that don’t have shipped configurations can be left with the default values.

Each time an update is published, the INIs will override any changes you make so to avoid that copy the INI file you’re going to edit into a empty mod folder with [NoRemove] as a prefix for the mod name.

The modlist was built around the idea of having the user play on Hardcore mode, but if you’re not up for the challenge, by all means run without it. 

Configuring NVIDIA Control Panel

To ensure the modlist runs at peak performance, we can set a few settings via the NVIDIA Control Panel to allow the application to run stable.

This step is only for NVIDIA GPUs, so for AMD GPUs there is unfortunately no solution similar to this I’m aware of.

  1. Hit the Windows key, then type NVIDIA Control Panel to launch the program
  2. Inside of the Manage 3D Settings menu, select the Program Settings tab and then click Add
  3. Locate FalloutNV and add it
  4. In the list of configurations below, locate Max Frame Rate and expand it, then select the On option and set it to 60 FPS
  5. Next, locate Power Management Mode and select Prefer maximum performance
  6. Further down the list, locate Triple Buffering and Vertical Sync and enable both of them
  7. Click Apply in the bottom right and then close the program

Making A Few Changes

Now that you’ve successfully managed to launch the game, create your first character and start exploring, a few necessary configurations are ready to be made to ensure your modlist is configured the intended way.

Due to the nature of how settings work, there’s no definitive way of shipping configurations with certain mods unless they provide INI management.

M.U.X. Series – Enhanced Vanilla is one of those mods, as an example is with the modlist comes B42 Notify. If you wish to use the B42 Notify mod, you must disable the Messages option inside of the configuration menu for the M.U.X. which can be found in the pause menu to the left hand side with a monitor and a cog wheel in it. Just scroll down until you see Messages and disable it.

Additionally, I’ve preconfigured a 3rd person camera preset to fit a better style of third person gameplay. This can be applied by entering third-person, tap P, then hold P and click Load Preset and choose Preset 1.

A Note on ENB

Due to the unfinished scope of ENB for Fallout: New Vegas, the modlist won’t support any installation of it. Any installation process of ENB is purely at your own risk and knowledge, and no support will be given for installing it.

65 - 5i9XmHa

Final Note

That’s it, the installation process is pretty much completed. If you have any issues further along in the modlist, please join the Discord server and make a bug report and request support in the #modlist-support channel.