A place for a centralized and stored database of changes and additions to the mod, for public view.

Table of Contents


Corrects an issue with the FOMOD installation for Vortex users from empty groups in the FOMOD selection.

Additionally added a Dynamic Ghoulification patch for Enjoy the Darkness.

Minor Patches

  • Dynamic Ghoulification
    • Enjoy the Darkness Patch
  • FOMOD Installation
    • Reporting an issue back for users installing via Vortex, due to empty groups and categories


First release of the project, including a few select patches. This will eventually grow and grow as more things are fleshed out and more patches are added down the road.

Major Patches

  • Damn Apocalypse
    • Wasteland Medic Patch
  • Munitions
    • Capital Wasteland 32 Caliber Pistol Patch
    • Project Mojave Patch
    • Laser RCW Reborn
  • True Damage
    • 9mm Pistol Patch
    • Gas Masks of the Wasteland Patch
    • Munitions Patch
      • Not to be mistaken with the patch included with True Damage, this forwards name changes from Munitions