Explore New Ways of Looting

Discover new loot featured in rarity using classic loot level types, discoverable by exploring and slaying your enemies!

Find rare and unique sets among the realm of Valheim to boast to your friends about!

Hundreds of new items to explore

Explore endless amounts of new items and pieces to acquire in your adventures with completely new functions, expanding on gameplay.

New systems and mechanics

Featuring new systems such as Steelworking and blueprinting for buildings to share amongst friends, for a more QoL experience.


Want to Try it Yourself?

Visit the Modlist page on Nexus Mods or locate it via the Unofficial section of the Wabbajack gallery.

For a easy and simple installation tutorial of a Modlist, check out DroppedIceCream’s tutorial for the Wabbajack installer on how to proceed.