A place for a centralized and stored database of changes and additions to the modlist, for public view.

Table of Contents


  • Jotunn the Valheim Library
  • Extended Item Data Framework
  • Plant Everything
  • Epic Loot
  • Better Archery
  • RecyclePlus


Some quick and minor updates, including some new features and various bug fixes from each mod.

No other changes have been made.

  • Jotunn the Valheim Library
  • Better Archery
  • Odin Horse
  • Odin Ships
  • Gungnir Console Enhancement Suite


Not much of a big update, but a rather important one. This update features the fantastic mod OdinArchitect. This mod introduces hundreds of new building pieces that fit fantastically into Valheim, offering for more creativity and personal taste themed building pieces to play with.

  • OdinArchitect
  • HD Valheim – Voices Add-on Installation
    • The CustomAudio folder was not placed in the appropriate folder structure, resulting in the voice SFX to not work.


A small hotfix for v1.1.0 that corrects the BepInEx installation location to a reliable source, such as Thunderstore.

  • BepInEx Installation Location
    • File location for download was removed, so it has now been updated to new location.


This update focuses on introducing a new world mod, which drastically overhauls the way it is generated. Instead of separating various parts of land into small, individual islands, it now consists of combining them into a few more larger pieces that gradually expands out to the most difficult biomes.

The idea is to alleviate the dependency on boats as much to travel between biomes and instead, encourage the use of pushing through the difficulties of each biome first before moving onto the next.

  • IAmClanka
  • Better Continents
  • BuildIt
  • Project Auga
  • The Farmer