A place for a centralized and stored database of changes and additions to the modlist, for public view.

Please note, that any prior version other than the latest one listed is unsupported and can not be diagnosed as things change.

Table of Contents


A new save is required.

Tonight’s update features a variety of mods, from even more textures to beautify the game to completely new ways to approach each factions fate by evaluating and appropriately deciding what to do with them.

Various mods by the author AVeryUncreativeUsername have been added to offer more choice in what factions will do with each other, to provide alternative routes for factions rather than simply eliminating them.

Additionally, various new Models and Textures mods have been added for higher fidelity in more specific things. EXE, Effect teXtures enhanced, has been added to provide higher quality effects such as flamers, explosions, etc..

Along with this update, is a new landscape patch which will provide various tweaks and fixes to edits in location mods that may be conflicting or may seem to OP or redundant. On top of that, a few select mods from the Models and Textures section have been merged in order to reduce the plugin count, as it was reaching near the 255 limit. This means that if you plan on adding mods of your own, be aware that the plugin limit is near.

Animations and Skeletons

  • Modern Stagger animations

Models and Textures

  • Old World Blues – Roboscorpion Retextures
  • Old World Blues – Unique Think Tank Members
  • Old World Blues – Sweet Switches
  • Old World Blues – Seedy Research Station
  • Old World Blues – Toaster Of Doom
  • The True Blade of the West
  • EXE – Effect teXtures Enhanced
  • Improved Heavy Weapons Textures

Lighting and Weather

  • Night Sky Tweaks

Sounds and Ambience

  • Bullet Cracks

Minor Gameplay Tweaks

  • Grenade Machineguns Reborn

New Quests and Edits

  • Goodsprings and Powder Gangers Truce
  • House and Fiends Truce
  • House and Kings Truce
  • Brotherhood and House Truce
  • Brotherhood and Legion Truce
  • Hardin and NCR Truce
  • Mr. House Surrenders to the NCR
  • Friendly Strip Factions
  • Essential Enclave Remnants Redux

Modlist Add-ons

  • Custom Landscape Patch
    • This patch will be a continuation patch receiving various updates to resolve conflicts between mods that may overwrite in locations, such as Dust Devil and New Vegas Landscape Overhaul Re-Remastered
    • Adjusted a NVLO RR with Dust Devil by removing the house and surrounding objects added by NVLO RR
    • Adjusted a conflict with The Living Desert and NVLO RR to remove tree in campfire near Jacobstown
    • Adjusted a conflict with Pleasant Primm and NVLO RR to disable all changes made by NVLO RR
  • Merged Mods Plugin
    • Includes various mods plugins merged into one to reduce total plugin count

Essentials and Frameworks

  • Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus
  • Essential Vanilla Enhancements Merged

Bug Fixes

  • Fallout Alpha Rendering Tweaks

Interface and Pip-Boy

  • M.U.X. Series – Enhanced Vanilla

Lighting and Weather

  • 3D Rain

New Locations and Edits

  • Enhanced Vegas Ruins

Models and Textures

  • Various Mod Plugins
    • Disabled and merged various mods plugins and assets into one mod to reduce plugin count

Wasteland Prospects – Controller Support

  • Soft-Lock Aim-Assist Configuration
    • Changed VerticalThreshold from 65 to 45
    • Changed HorizontalThreshold from 55 to 35
    • Changed TrackTime from 0.3 to 2.0

Modlist Add-ons

  • ISControl Configuration
    • Merged all ISControl.ini configs into one file as well as added custom ISControl configurations for modded weapons and weapons not included


Today’s update is a mixed bundle of QoL features and add-ons, such as a few more models and texture mods, the inclusion of MAPMO and AidUI, and some new locations.

Quite a few new mods for player homes, from the author Diegonom, for all types of playstyles has been added into the list, offering choice between the factions and new areas to store your vault of weapons and armor. Each one comes with its own benefits, and includes it very own unique theme as well as a tie to some factions.

Additionally, a couple new armors have been added as a personal touch to the player alone, such as the Courier 6 Armor. The Wasteland Radiation Suit has also been added, offering a more mid-tier armor set that is meant for a wandering traveller such as Courier 6.

On top of all that, if you were installing the latest version of NVR from the Discord server and getting very dark lighting and brightness, I’ve updated and revised the NVR config to match the latest changes to NVR, which also in turn corrected the brightness issue.

Essentials and Frameworks

  • Sortomatic – Modders Resource
  • Soft-Lock Aim-Assist

Interface and Pip-Boy

  • Main and Pause Menus Overhaul
  • AidUI

Models and Textures

  • Better Jukebox
    • Forgot to install as a requirement for the Animated Functional Jukebox mod, should resolve the weird texture issue
  • Better Cash Register
  • Better Coffee Mug
  • Hatchet Remade
  • Power Armor Visual Enhancement

Minor Gameplay Overhauls

  • Shovels Bury People

Weapons and Apparel

  • Wasteland Radiation Suit
  • Courier 6 Armor

New Locations and Edits

  • Classic Adobe Raul’s home
  • Twin Rocks Abode
  • Dust Devil Adobe Home
  • Little Apocalypse
  • Centurion Homestead
  • Dos Osos Veterans Club
  • The Hideout


  • Webb’s Titans of The New West Patch Emporium
  • Vanilla Iron Sights Realligned

Models and Textures

  • WAP Year One and Bonus
  • Mod Plugins
    • Various mod plugins were cleaned using PACT, to ensure that no IDRs and UDRs were present to provide a more clean and stable modlist

Weapons and Apparel

  • Customizable Integrated Backpack System
    • Changed fCaravanBackpackLLChanceNone from 0 to 60
    • Changed fFieldBackpackLLChanceNone from 0 to 45
    • Changed fNCRBackpackLLChanceNone from 0 to 10
    • Changed fDuffleBagLLChanceNone from 0 to 20
    • Changed fLegionSarcinaLLChanceNone from 0 to 10

Wasteland Prospects – New Vegas Reloaded

  • Custom Preset
    • Updated and revised various changes to reflect the newest version of NVR


In today’s update, various parts of the Mojave are brought to life even more than they were before, with new interactables and animated objects, such as flying blimps, interactive TV sets, microfilms, and so much more!

Various new animation mods have been added by the amazing AmaccurzerO on Nexus Mods, with their plethora of animation mods, most notably one of them being AmaccurzerO’s Animated Mojave. This introduces various interactables that are fully animated to the Mojave for pure immersion. Along with the new, living Mojave, various mods by rockbiter have been added to give a more cohesive overhaul of the weapon animations, featuring their reanimation packs as well as a few additional mods.

Additionally, more of the Lively series has been added to offer even more life and variety to NPCs in the Mojave, giving them tasks and actions to do rather than simply idling around and standing there.

As a small bonus, the mod ySI – Categories has been added in replacement of ySI – Sorting Ycons by PushTheWinButton. This sorts most items into appropriate categories, cleaning the Pip-Boy from clutter. With that as well, a few mods for weapons have been added such as B42 Weapon Inertia, Viewmodel Recoil, and Blended Locomotion for a more satisfying weapon handling experience.

In terms of technicality, the modlist patch has had extensive revisions made to provide proper consistency and conflict resolution between various patches, offering some much needed fixes and tweaks to better fit the modlist. The INIs have also had an extensive rework, focusing on optimizing the modlist using just the games launcher rather than BethINI.

  • Consistent Spread – Firearms Accuracy and Wobble Fix
  • Fallout Alpha Rendering Tweaks
  • Recent Loot Log
  • ySI – Categories
  • JIP CCC HD icons
  • Perk Styled CCC Icons
  • Perk Styled CCC Icons – Willow
  • Wasteland Warrior – A Melee Animation Overhaul
  • Butcher Pete Complete – A Melee Animation Overhaul
  • Blended Locomotion
  • FNV Clean Animations – Reborn – Part 1
  • FNV Clean Animations – Part 2
  • FNV Clean Animations – Silenced .22 Pistol and Dynamite
  • FNV Clean Animations – 12.7mm Submachine Gun
  • FNV Clean Animations – Marksman Carbine
  • FNV Clean Animations – .357 Magnum Revolver
  • FNV Clean Animations – Incinerator
  • FNV Clean Animations – Service Rifle
  • FNV Clean Animations – Varmint Rifle
  • FNV Clean Animations – Recharging Weapons Pack
  • AmaccurzerO’s Animated Mojave
  • Animated Functional Grills
  • Novac Dino Animated Functional Thermometer
  • NV Securitrons Lip Sync
  • NV Animation for Not Animated Containers
  • NV Animated Immersive Lanterns
  • NV Animation for Vehicles Containers
  • NV Animated Functional Jukebox
  • NV Animated Neon Pole Dancer for Gomorrah
  • NV Gutsy Handy Animated Eyes
  • Work Bench and Reloading Bench Interactive Animation
  • Camp McCarran Animated Monorail
  • JAM or Just Sprint animation replacers
  • B42 Weapon Inertia
  • Viewmodel Recoil
  • Weapon Retexture from EVE
  • Energy Visuals Plus
  • Better Barbecue Grill
  • Diamond Objective Markers – A Height-Based Objective Marker Replacer
  • Lively Joe and Friends
  • Lively Goodsprings
  • Lively Street Vendor
  • Lively Cass
  • Lively Gourmand
  • ySI – Sorting Ycons – Push’s Categories
  • Hit – Locomotion
  • Hit’s Anims Series
  • ShowOff xNVSE Plugin
  • Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus
  • Lively 13th Floor Ultimate
  • Sweet Style Bounties

Modlist Add-ons

  • LOD Generated Files
    • Updated for the latest changes to accomodate for the new mods added

Modlist Add-ons

  • Modlist Patch
    • Forwarded changes from mods conflicting with newly added animation mods 
    • Forwarded changes from Unofficial NVSE Patch with Energy Visuals Plus changes
    • Forwarded changes from Vicious Wastes with Energy Visuals Plus changes
    • Forwarded changes from Nuka Cola Overhaul with Vicious Wastes changes
    • Forwarded changes from Limes Casino Suite Overhaul with Lively’s 13th Floor Ultimate changes
    • Added new water types from Water Overhaul to Willow’s item sorting in Novac
  • Fallout INIs
    • Removed all changes and rebuilt INIs via Fallout Launcher to give a fresh start on INI changes
    • Added FalloutCustom INI settings from Viva New Vegas guide
  • Hotkeys
    • Changed camera swap hotkeys to left-alt
    • Changed flashlight activation key to F


This update brings a plethora of new and amazing changes to weaponry and equipment, that being a few new additions and some amazing changes from the amazing WAP series.

Introducing Armed to the Teeth – Redux, you can now walk around the wasteland proudly showcasing your spiffy new weapons in amazing support with backpacks and other goody equipment. Along with that, not only will you have loads of weapons showing, you now will have loads of weapons showing in high detail! Various mods by the amazing author anonx1987 have been added to offer more exquisite detail to weapons.

Additionally, the amazing Nuka World Imports mods has been added to introduce the fantastic Nuka Colas from the Nuka World DLC in Fallout 4 to the New Vegas world. On-top of that, Nuka Cold World has been added to offer amazing detail to all of the new Nuka World Imports as well as vanilla Nuka-Cola bottles.

Along with those changes, B42 Notify has been updated to remove the duplicated messages, thanks to Xilandro for taking action after my report on it.

The mod Player Combat Priority has been tweaked to reconfigure the amount the player is targeted, to rather instead of constantly skipping companions to balance out what NPCs will attack first so you’re not always prioritized as the first target.

  • Heatstroke
  • Armed to the Teeth – Redux
  • Waster Gear
  • Wandering Remnants Power Armor
  • Western Flair – Leather Armor
  • That Gun Remastered
  • Pointlight Flashlight
  • Pointlight Flashlight – ySI Patch
  • WAP Year One and Bonus
  • WAP Lever Action Shotgun
  • WAP Bozar and LMG
  • Beyond the Black Mountain – Landscape Overhaul
  • Pop-Up Message Icons
  • B42 Bows x consistent pip-man icons – Bows and Perk Icons
  • CFWR x consistent pip-man icons – Classic Weapons icons
  • Nuka World Imports – a Nuka Cola Overhaul
  • Nuka Cola World – Nuka overhaul by zzjay
  • Vicious Wastes
  • VICE – Visuals Improved Content Expanded
  • Lively Merge
  • B42 Notify – Corner Messages Overhaul
  • Physics Based Foliage
  • Animated Ingestibles
  • 3rd Person Camera Overhaul
  • Player Combat Priority Configuration
    • iChanceTargetSwapInCombat has been changed from 80 to 40, ideally making it more likely that the player will be less-focused on
    • iChanceTargetSwapStartCombat has been changed from 100 to 30, making it so NPCs to immediately go for the player instead of the companion on first attack
  • FCOMaster Plugin State
    • The plugin was disabled initially, but has been re-enabled to carry changes for races over as this plugin is replaced by NVR3R, reducing a significant amount of conflicts


A new save is required.

This update is more of a follow-up update to 0.9.4, but also the official release of the modlist moving it out of early access and more into a controlled release. As with this update, the official trailer has also dropped, which you can watch here.

It features a few new mods to enhance upon the already-in-place mods such as Progressive Difficulty, which now will make combat consistent throughout the game no matter what level you are. Additionally, JIPs Companions Command and Control has been added for more manageable companions while endeavouring your adventures in the desert.

Additionally, A World of Pain has been swapped out for A World of (Less) Pain, which is a revised version of AWOP that removes a lot of the bloat and immersion-breaking NPCs and locations while maintaining edited and revised locations.

Various other mods, such as Supplemental Ammo Crafting, have been removed due to conflicts and game-breaking issues pertaining their existence in the modlist and provide a better clean slate to work with.

As always, more information in the changelogs themselves.

  • Controller Tweaks
    • Consider this experimental and in testing while it is more finely tuned to controllers
  • B42 Melee Bash
  • B42 Notify – Corner Messages Overhaul
  • New Vegas Redesigned 3 Revised
  • Natural Eyes
  • Lucky 38’s Smooth Balls
  • Trail Carbine Retexture
  • Customizable Integrated Backpack System
  • Progressive Difficulty
  • JIP Companions Command and Control
  • JIP Companions Command and Control – Plugin Limit Nag Fix
  • JIP Companions Command and Control – Dialogue Topics Restored
  • Four Legged Friends
  • Strip Crowds
  • New Vegas Landscape Overhaul Re-Remastered
  • A World of (Less) Pain
  • A World of (Less) Pain – A Living Desert Patch
  • FPGE Patch Collection
    • JSawyer Ultimate Patch
    • Mojave Raiders Patch
    • Simple Open Strip Patch
    • Strip NPCs Uncut Patch
    • Uncut Wasteland Patch
  • Supplemental Ammo Crafting
    • Various conflicts with Mojave Arsenal and not worth the hassle, plus MA already handles various ammo crafting similar to this
  • Spice of Life
  • Gun Runners’ Arsenal Merged
  • Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod
  • High Resolution Male Body Textures
  • Qwinn’s Refined FNV Redesigned 3
  • Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 3
  • Simplified Weapon Retexture Project
  • Lime’s Better Beer Bootlegging – AWOP Patch
  • A World of Pain
  • TFH Rugged Race
  • Leather backpack
  • Better Balanced Backpacks
  • Essential Vanilla Enhancements Merged
  • Physics Based Foliage
  • Various Mod Priority Positions
    • Various mod priority positions have been adjusted in the left-pane to further reduce conflict and allow overriding changes to take effect appropriately

Modlist Add-ons

  • Modlist Patch
    • Fixed various conflicts between mods and removed changes from mods that are now removed from the list


A new save is required.

Introducing various new mods, this update is surely the one to tie most of the modlist together, bringing in the official release closer and closer. Thanks to Rafocale, a user from the server, for leading me to various mods in this update.

This update introduces various new mods, from simple small retextures to completely new quests and game mechanics. Where do I even start?

First and foremost, the amazing Brave New World mod has been added to include hundreds of new professionally voiced dialogue to offer more variety amongst characters.

Along with that various mods from Ashens2014 have been added to add a touch of life to various objects in the Wasteland, breathing (Literally and metaphorically) new life on once in-animated objects such as tents, power cables, flags, etc.. On top of that, various new texture mods have been added as well, bringing higher quality to things such as the amazing Simplified Weapon Retexture Project which adds various retextures for even more weapons.

Additionally, Desert Natural Weathers has been swapped out for Atmospheres, a new mod released by Spiffyskytrooper to offer a more realistic and modern touch to New Vegas’s weather.

With that as well, various mods by Lime have been included, such as their collection of location overhaul mods, player homes, and smaller gameplay tweaks. Along with the new gameplay tweaks and location mods, new quest mods have been added to offer more content to explore in the Wasteland, such as Casino Heists, The Caravan Tournament and more. A notable, new quest mod added is Masters of the Madre, introducing a new ending to Sierra Madre which provides the change for the Courier to actually continue with the very dark and evil ending, rather than post-screen credits and returning to a prior save.

And to end off this update log, the New Vegas Quick Start mod has been removed to instead, replace it with Better Character Creation which also speeds up the process of character creation but in an more immersive way.

It would also be fantastic if y’all could provide some feedback on the current state of the modlist, and how well it is functioning for you and if it is stable. You can do so via the form provided.

As always, more information is provided in the changelogs.

  • Logic and Consistency Fixes
  • Functional Post Game Ending
  • Brave New World
  • The Caravan Tournament
    • Additionally added the Lower Rewards add-on to avoid too OP of rewards
  • Casino Heists
  • Lime’s Faction Safehouse Overhaul
    • Additionally added Interior Lighting Overhaul patch
  • Lime’s Fort Overhaul
  • Lime’s Better Victor’s Shack
  • Lime’s Casino Suite Overhaul
  • Lime’s Better Beer Bootlegging
  • Overlook Cabin
  • Abandoned Monorail Player Home
  • The Goodsprings Coffee House
  • Legion Fort Open
  • Lime’s Debug Tool
  • Point That Somewhere Else
  • Mojave Merchants and Desert Dealers
  • NPCs Sprint In Combat
  • The Freepost Mojave Express Expansion
  • Bottlecap Flip and Dice Roll
  • JIP Improved Recipe Menu ESPless
  • Casino Exchange All
  • Immersive Fast Travel Encounters
  • Immersive Sleeping Encounters
  • Radiation Decay
  • Masters of the Madre
  • Improved Console (NVSE)
  • JIP Selective-Fire
  • Nevada Arsenal
  • Akarion’s Core ESM
  • Mojave Express Courier Delivery Work
  • Physics Based Foliage
  • Fallout Flag Animation Overhaul
  • Animated Utility Pole cable pack
  • Animated Analog clock
  • Cooking Equipment now with Idle Movements
  • Hanging Fish swaying replacer
  • Great Khan Assets Animated
  • Animated Swaying bridges in FNV and DLC
  • Animated Market stall cloth pack
  • Easy Pete’s Rocking Chair
  • Cables Of fallout Animated
  • Animated Raider Dressings
  • Animated Maize Fields
  • Vanilla Ranch house Window shutter idle movement mod
  • Some changes to vanilla Fences
  • Animated Industrial pack
  • Vault 22 Animated Foliage
  • Animated Interior Decorations
  • Animated Fallout New Vegas Tents
  • Wasteland Trees Given Idle movement
  • Dinky the Deluxe Dinosaur – Definitive Dinky Retexture
  • Simplified Weapon Retexture Project
  • Sierra Madre Reskinned
  • Architecture Retexture Pack
  • Field Ready Combat Rangers
  • Assorted NCR Armor Retexture
  • Assorted Leather Armor Retexture
  • Assorted Legion Armor Retexture
  • Fallout Character Overhaul
  • Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 3
  • Qwinn’s Refined New Vegas Redesigned 3
  • Another Millenia
  • Hit – Millenia Animations – Part 1
  • B42 Dropmag – Another Millenia Patch
  • Atmospheres – Weather and Lighting
  • Enhanced Landscapes
  • Enhanced Vegas Ruins
  • Slightly more interesting – Gun Runners
  • Andy Lives His Life
  • Realistic Headshot Damage
  • Delay DLC Redux
  • Better Character Creation
  • Clean Just Weapons Wheel
  • Project Reality Footsteps
  • Power Armor Movement Sounds

Modlist Add-ons

  • Region/Platform-based Patched Executables
    • Four separate patched executables have been included as part of the installation process, for separate regions and/or GOG access
    • Consult the modlist documentation for more information on this
  • Functional Post Game Ending Lite
  • Desert Natural Weathers
    • Swapped out for Spiffy’s new and amazing Atmospheres Weather and Lighting mod
  • See Through Scope Pack
    • Incompatible with various mods in the list and not worth the struggle to keep it
  • New Vegas Quick Start
    • Replaced by Better Character Creation

Modlist Add-ons

  • Documentation Page
    • Includes installation instructions for New Vegas Reloaded, providing a great alternative to ENB


A minor update, resolving the issue with NVHR causing multiple issues in the installation during launch and during runtime.

NVHR has now been made a step in the documentation and requires you to manually install the mod.

  • New Vegas Heap Replacer
    • This has been made a manual step as part of the installation


Requires New Save

Quite a few new mods, introducing a variety of changes such as new locations, new models and textures, and reintroduction of the fantastic R91 rifle.

Nut Vegas – Landscapes has been swapped out in favor of Legacy Reborn by Spiffyskytrooper, as this texture pack instead revives and bring the original textures to modern standards while keeping the original standard New Vegas look.

Additionally, various other mods by Spiffyskytrooper have been introduced to bring more of an overall higher quality standard to the modlist.

One last thing, is that the Lively series has been introduced to give more iconic areas and NPCs more life and activities, such as regular routines and new interactions.

  • Lively 13th Floor Ultimate
  • Lively Billy
  • Lively Phebus
    • Additionally added Simple Open Strip Patch
  • Lively Merge
  • Sweet Style Bounties
  • Character Preset Menu
  • Smooth True Iron Sights Camera
  • Red Rock Visitor Center (Location Remake)
  • Nipton Solitare Garage (Location Remake)
  • Desert Bridges (Location Remake)
  • Quarry Junction Station (Location Remake)
  • Hidden Valley Overhauled
  • Gomorrah Casino Uncut
  • Mojave Outpost Car Apocalypse Uncut
  • Westside Suburbs Uncut
  • Primm South Uncut
  • The Final Resting Place – A Lucky 38 Control Room Overhaul
  • Chip Worth Dying For – Better Platinum Chip
  • Assault Rifle Remastered
  • Assault Rifle Re-Remastered
  • Legacy Reborn – Texture Pack
  • Legacy Reborn – Mojave Cliffs
  • Redesigned Quarries
  • Higher Poly Rocks
  • Rectified Water Towers
  • NV Armor Clothing Upscale Project
  • Insignia of the Brotherhood
  • Quality Carts
  • Modern New Vegas Loading Interfaces
  • Discord Rich Presence

Modlist Add-ons

  • Character Presets
    • Included one preset of my own as a start
  • Nut Vegas – Landscapes
  • 3rd Person Camera Overhaul
  • VICE – Visuals Improved Content Expanded


Requires New Save

This update features a few significant changes in regards to the foundation of the modlist. Mods from Slippy have been introduced to drastically change the way the the modlist will play, giving an overall enjoyable and challenging experience. Various aspects have been touched up on in the mods, offering more survival and leeway to the freedom of exploring the wastes. 

Additionally, the mods Famine and Bleedless have been replaced in favor with the newly added mods by Slippy as Vicious Wastes handles most of the necessary things in a single plugin.

On top of all that, additional installation steps have been added in regards to providing a more open and available installation process for users outside of the U.S. and Steam, ideally. If , in theory, this works as expected anyone should be able to install the list with no issues.

Visit the newly created Getting Started page for more information on the modlist and how it works. Please also revisit the Documentation page for the newly implemented installation instructions.

  • Vicious Wastes
  • Bleedout
  • Alternative Repairing
  • Food Scraps
  • Gun Runners’ Arsenal Merged
  • Desert Nomad – Simple Portable Camping
  • Hardcore Forever
  • Famine – A Loot Rarity Mod
    • Essentially completely replaced by Vicious Wastes
  • CASM with MCM
    • Stewie’s Tweaks already has a save manager integrated, meaning CASM is not needed
  • Patched Executables
    • A new installation step has been added to provide access for anyone installing the list
  • Vanilla UI Plus Download Link
  • Various Settings in the Tweaks Menu