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AMAZING! This modlist is the only way I play New Vegas, its challenging, aesthetically pleasing and lore friendly, can’t recommend this enough!┬áThe only addition I play with is New California which adds even more to the experience, fantastic mod list well done author!

Anna Garcia

Gorgeous list.

Biggie Boss

Fable Lore made me rage during a livestream while trying to fight a room full of shouting draugr. 10/10 would get High-King Torygged to death again.


I am a definite fan of what Rage produces, not only Skyrim but Fallout 4 too. His Mod Pack builds are carefully cultivated not for number of mods, but for overall value added to the game play. This includes areas of immersion, visual appeal, combat, and overall experience. He is continually active in advancing both Fable Lore and Atomic Warfare to something unique for your playing experience. I urge you to try them. Disclaimer: I am not associated with his group, just an enthusiastic user who believes in the vision of what he’s trying to achieve.