Welcome to The Modding Lounge

The Modding Lounge is home to various popular Wabbajack modlists curated by Rage, as well as mods for games such as Fallout 4.

Committed to providing a comfortable and pleasant experience to modding, the goal of the Modding Lounge is to offer plug-n-play solutions for specifically themed modlists on Wabbajack that expand the base form of the game to something more.


Showcased below are the curated modlists by Rage for specific games, pertaining to their own individual pages.

Contributors and Supporters

Previewed to the right-hand side is a list of those who have contributed and supported the progress and efforts of the modlists into becoming what they are today.

Giving thanks to those who have helped with extensive testing, bugging, troubleshooting and overall feedback.

Contributor Kenseirabbit TDarkShadow CannibalToast San Junipero Arkangel

Supporter ArmedFelon iLikeTurtles Turtle56