About Atomic Warfare

Experience Fallout 4 in a re-envisioned state with a truly ultimate and high-quality modded experience. Featuring hundreds of hours of new content, weapons, armors, locations, etc. and all new lore-friendly content from the amazing Capital Wasteland and New Vegas teams. Take on the survival aspect in a whole new and envisioned way that truly makes survival both fun AND challenging without sacrificing your sanity. Almost every aspect has been touched in some way, giving a new fresh coat of paint on the game.

Treat Your Wounds Directly, Suppress Fire and Take Cover

Each action you make now has consequences, requiring you to take care of each bullet shot into you.

Combat is now more deadly than ever, offering a Tarkov, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. like experience.

Fighting a Deathclaw is now a serious threat with a high chance of death.

Your Needs Are Essential, Treat Them Fairly

Survival is now a more intuitive and challenging aspect, requiring you to make sure your character is healthy.

Take care of your body, and you’ll be greatly rewarded. Ignore your needs, then suffer great consequences.

All of your choices in your personal needs lead to a bigger aspect and require future planning, such as Ghoulification.

Choose Your Path, What You Want is What You Get

Pave out your own path, carve out your story and make yourself known. 

Want to live the life as a Trader? Set up shop in Diamond City! Looking to make a quick buck? Check the Bounty Boards! 

Become the Commonwealths security by opening your own Mercenary business, or capture wanted people and take them into custody.

Interested In Learning More?

Visit the Getting Started page for more information on what the modlist offers in regards to systems and playstyle. This also acts as a good database for understanding how things work and where to start.



Want to Try it Yourself?

Visit the Modlist page on Nexus Mods or locate it via the Official section of the Wabbajack gallery.

For a easy and simple installation tutorial of a Modlist, check out DroppedIceCream’s tutorial for the Wabbajack installer on how to proceed.