Guide to Configuring Atomic Warfare

A guide to configuring Atomic Warfare, a Fallout 4 modlist.

1. In-Game Settings

MCM Settings

With the Modlist, comes various tweaks and edits to fit the Modlist in the style it is trying to achieve. For this reason, I recommend enabling the provided settings preset in the MCM Settings Manager in-game.

To use these settings, simply navigate to the Mod Configuration Menu and then go to MCM Settings Manager. Find the Atomic Warfare option, then click Apply. Close out of the MCM menu, save the game and reload that save.

If you choose to not use these settings, just note that some mods are intentionally edited for the sole purpose of conflicts such as SCOURGE.

Everything else within MCM can be configured as you please, but do note that if you improperly make a edit and it breaks something I can not help you on that.

Custom HUD Replacer

With the modlist, comes provided my own custom made preset for FallUI HUD. It is, in my opinion, the best HUD preset there is that doesn’t intrude too much on the necessary information and mechanics of the interface while providing an entirely new look.

There are two options for this HUD, a Hardcore mode, which removes things like reticles, enemy dots on the compass, ammo counter, etc. and then there is the default one which is everything but stylized how I designed the HUD to look.

Key Bindings and Controls

The modlist comes shipped with native hotkeys enabled for Fallout 4 to provide completely custom functions and keybinds. The few hotkeys already provided are:

  • ALT-MouseWheelDown
    • Decrease walking/running speed
  • ALT-MouseWheelUp
    • Increase walking/running speed
  • C
    • Lower or raise weapon
  • F1
    • Opens photo mode
  • F3
    • Shows sleep/wait menu without a need for a chair or bed
  • G
    • Throws grenade immediately, w/out holding melee button down

It is recommended to bind the vanilla default keys to something else if they conflict with these keybinds.