About Fable Lore

Choose your path, define it and own it

Take on the path of any RPG experience you wish, with hundreds of choices for an endless character build, allowing for diverse choices for each character.

With Classes, Birth Signs, Roles, and so many more choices, you can define your character and their backstory.

Explore new areas, with new stories

No longer will you be exploring just Skyrim and Solstheim, but experience completely new lands and stories outside of Skyrim  that have a deep history.

Offering hundreds of new quests, more than 4 new lands and tons of new characters to meet and befriend.

Discover locations like they were never before

Experience Skyrim like a whole new game, with all major areas enhanced and a vast amount of smaller, unnoticeable areas given a new life.

Featuring JK’s work, along with Ryn’s mods, exploring an area won’t feel the same as it did before.

Interested In Learning More?

Visit the Getting Started page for more information on what the modlist offers in regards to systems and playstyle. This also acts as a good database for understanding how things work and where to start.



Want to Try it Yourself?

Visit the Modlist page on Nexus Mods or locate it via the Official section of the Wabbajack gallery.

For a easy and simple installation tutorial of a Modlist, check out DroppedIceCream’s tutorial for the Wabbajack installer on how to proceed.