About Wasteland Prospects

Explore Nevada all over again, with a new and invigorating look on the Wasteland. Explore new areas, meet new friends, take on challenging enemies, and see what New Vegas is all about. Featured as just a New Vegas modlist, you won’t be restricted to a complex setup with TTW, but instead focus your travels on Nevada. Take on a new look of New Vegas, with an ever growing list of graphical adjustments and improvements. Experience classic weapons with completely fresh and new animations and discover new weapons and equipment.

Experience A Living, Breathing Nevada With New Life

Nevada has become a new, living Wasteland filled with various adventures and experiences to breath new life as you explore the Wasteland.

Offering hundreds of new encounters, you’re surely to come across some interesting experiences out in the Wild Wasteland.

The Wasteland is Now An Ever Dangerous Place

Various parts of the modlist is to encourage a harsher, more challenging yet fun survival aspect. Much of the Wasteland will be a seriously endeavoring experience.

Take care of yourself by regularly travelling with trail mix, caravan lunches, water and all other essentials.

Visit A Truly Remastered Version of New Vegas

Much of the modlist aims to bring Fallout: New Vegas back to the modern-day age with complete overhauls of various aspects of the game, such as it’s graphical engine.

Thanks to New Vegas Reloaded, we now have the ability to pump out those amazing godrays with AAA graphical quality.

Interested In Learning More?

Visit the Getting Started page for more information on what the modlist offers in regards to systems and playstyle. This also acts as a good database for understanding how things work and where to start.



Want to Try it Yourself?

Visit the Modlist page on Nexus Mods or locate it via the Official section of the Wabbajack gallery.

For a easy and simple installation tutorial of a Modlist, check out DroppedIceCream’s tutorial for the Wabbajack installer on how to proceed.