Explore Nevada all over again, with a new and invigorating look on the Wasteland. Explore new areas, meet new friends, take on challenging enemies, and see what New Vegas all is about. Featured as just a New Vegas modlist, you won’t be restricted to a complex setup with TTW, but instead focus your travels on Nevada.

Official 3.X Trailer

Gorgeously Overhauled Visuals

Featuring New Vegas Reloaded as a complete graphical overhaul, along with hundreds of various other additions to really bring Fallout: New Vegas to a semi-modern standard.

Vastly Improved Gameplay

Wasteland Prospects offers a whole new take on gunplay, survival, balancing, and more to offer a truly overhauled and remastered view on Fallout: New Vegas gameplay.

New and Overhauled Locations

Much of Nevadas locations and areas have been overhauled using various mods to introduce completely detailed areas, brand new locations to explore and remastered existing locations.


Get started by following the installation instructions.