essentials and frameworks

  • zlib Updated – NVSE

lOD Resources

  • LOD Fixes and Improvements – NVSE

bug fixes and optimizations

  • VATS Lag Fix
  • Viewmodel Shading Fix – NVSE
  • Viewmodel Shake Fix – NVSE

Interface and HUD

  • Consistent Pip-Boy Icons v5 – Framework Plugin
  • Consistent Pip-Boy Icons v5 – Dynamicon
  • Consistent Pip-Boy Icons v5 – Addendumb
  • Consistent Pip-Boy Icons v5 – Vault Girl Extension
  • Map Marker Icons
  • Pip-Boy UI Tweaks

Animations and Skeletons

  • 3rd Person Animation Fixpack
  • FNV Clean Animations – Explosive Mines Pack
  • Hit – B42 Inject – Assorted Items 1

models and textures

  • Physically Based Collection 2
  • Physically Based Terminals
  • Animated Awnings of Vegas
  • Animated marquee
  • Animated spotlights for Lucky 38 Lights Redone
  • Pip-Boy 2000
  • Radiation Visuals – ESPless
  • Various HD mods by chilloucik

gameplay tweaks

  • Enhanced Movement
  • Sleep Wait Hardcore Needs
  • Sit Down
  • FPS Weapon Lowering

new locations and edits

  • For Matty – A Tribute to Matthew Perry

lighting and weather

  • Longer Weather Transitions ESPless
  • Lumen – Ambient Lighting
    • Lumen – Ambient Lighting – Physically Based Beverages Patch
  • Window Ambient Light at Night

Gameplay tweaks

  • Four Legged Friends
    • Caused various issues, such as corrupting saves, poor performance, etc.

Essentials and Frameworks

  • JohnnyGuitar NVSE
  • Dynamic Pip-Boy Light – NVSE

Bug fixes and optimizations

  • lStewieAl’s Tweaks and Engine Fixes
  • Fallout Alpha Rendering Tweaks
  • Aqua Performa – Strip Performance Fix
  • Pip-Boy Shading Fix NVSE

Interface and hUD

  • Consistent Pip-Boy Icons v5 – Extension
  • Main and Pause Menus Overhaul

models and textures

  • Wasteland Flora and Terrain Overhaul

gameplay tweaks

  • B42 Optics
    • B42 Optics – Real Time Reflections Patch

gameplay overhauls

  • Titans of The New West

Wasteland Prospects – Add-ons

  • Gameplay Tweaks
    • Removed Four Legged Friends dependency

Not Save Safe

You guessed it, Wasteland Prospects is back, baby.

This updates main focus was to introduce new mods added to the Nexus pages, including a few updates to some essential mods. Most mods will not require a update, however I will be going through and updating them all in the future.

In the meantime, this update is a reintroduction to my work for Wastelnad Prospects.

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