Models and textures

  • No More Muddy Roaches – A Radroach Retexture and Fixes

workshops and settlements

  • Jump Start Collection by b4t3m4n

bug fixes and optimizations

  • Community Fixes Merged

SFX and ambience

  • Fallout 4 Resound Project – Guns

gameplay tweaks

  • Who’s The General – Minutemen Quest Cleanup

gameplay overhauls


weather and lighting

  • Extended Fake Interior

Save Safe

This update is mainly just to recompile the list with Wabbajack 3.7, so installations will work fine throughout.

Some mods have been updated and new Workshop Settlement Layouts have been added for anyone wanting to load up a template, aka “Jump Start” settlement for any of the potential settlements in the game.

KARMA has also been updated, which introduced a complete rework of the library it uses. This should help with script optimization and improve responsiveness of KARMA effects.

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