core and frameworks

  • FOV Slider and Player Height

LOD Resources

  • FO4LODGen Resources

bug fixes and optimizations

  • Automatron Factory Fix
  • Flutter Flicker Fixer For Foliage
  • Moon Rotation Fix

animations and skeletons

  • Select Third Person Animations from DeathStiX

SFX and Ambience

  • JSRS Sound Mod for Fallout 4

Creatures and NPCs

  • Extended Diamond City Security Dialogue

Gameplay Tweaks

  • You And What Army 2
  • Enemies Fear Power Armor
  • No Sneaking in Power Armor
  • Commonwealth Encounter Pack
  • Shelter Or Save
  • Sit Or Save (Or Sleep)
  • Low Profile Loader – Reloading Technique
  • Dynamic Body Weight
  • Jumping Requires AP

armor and apparel

  • Wanderer’s Vault Suit
  • The Pip-Boy Glove

locations and worldspaces

  • People Live In – Federal Ration Stockpile
  • People Live In – Unmarked Raider Camps Pack 2

ENB and presets

  • ENB Input Disabler

creatures and nPCs

  • Mutant Menagerie

Gameplay tweaks

  • You And What Army

Winterized Addons

  • Winterized Profile
  • Winterized Mods
    • The winterized mode was superseded by the Seasons Change mod

User Interface and HUD

  • Companion Affinity Pip-Boy Tab

ENB and Presets

  • ENB Binaries

Not Save Safe

Seasons, reasons and treasons. Atomic Warfare is back and with a few new features from the amazing modding community still chugging along.

Firstly, we now have real-time seasons! YES! Those kinds of seasons, where Winter, Spring, Fall, and Summer all actually change the look and feel of the Wasteland depending on the month.

Additionally, various gameplay changes have been made to make the Wasteland more immersive and appropriate to the theme of the list, with tweaks to Power Armor mechanics, dynamic body weight and new mutations and challenges for you to complete.

Some other QoL mods have been added, such as new third person animations and a few new fixes.

Note, that there is currently no LOD Data generated. Previsibines will also be reworked in a later update dedicated for it.

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