interface and HUD

  • Barter Categories Icons

Animations and skeletons

  • Hit – Daniel’s Hat Animated

gameplay tweaks

  • Mental Stability System

quests and expansions

  • Autumn Leaves Uncreative Edition

Core and frameworks

  • JohnnyGuitar NVSE

LOD Resources

  • LOD Fixes and Improvements – NVSE

fixes and optimizations

  • lStewieAl’s Tweaks and Engine Fixes
  • Landscape Texture Improvements
  • Misc Audio Tweaks and Fixes
  • ExRB – Extended Roombounds
  • Faction Disguise De-Scripter

animations and skeletons

  • Anniversary Anim Pack

models and textures

  • Physically Based Collection 2
  • Shot up Signs

gameplay tweaks

  • Ghouls Inflict Radiation Damage
  • Conversation Killer
  • Radiation Decay
  • The Freepost Mojave Express Expansion
  • Better Weapon Restrictions and Fixes

gameplay overhauls

  • Food Scraps
  • Weapon Requirements System
  • Enhanced Movement
  • Titans of The New West
  • Simple AI Merge

location and worldspace overhauls

  • Lime’s Fort Overhaul
  • Legion Fort Open
  • Lime’s Faction Safehouse Overhaul

location edits and tweaks

  • SUPER Lively Goodsprings
  • SUPER Lively New Vegas

quests and expansions

  • Radiant Infinium – Endless Questing Framework

weather and lighting

  • Lumen – Ambient Lighting
  • Strip Cinematic Lighting Overhaul

Mod Organizer 2

  • Various Installation Issues
    • Thanks to Ungeziefi for providing feedback on a lot of things I looked over or otherwise missed when setting up the modlist
    • Additionally, various parts of the website Installation and Configuration pages have been updated
  • Swapped to Stock Game
    • The modlist now also uses Stock Game, to hopefully simplify the installation process even more and also automate the NVHR installation

Save Safe

Fret no more, for I, the savior and almighty Glowing One, Jason Bright have come to give you all a gift for the Great Journey!

Yeah, right… who gives a shit. Anyway, back to me. This update is focused on improving stability and crashing even more. Thanks to the new LOD Fixes and Improvement update, we should see a reduction in memory usage which also should in turn help with reducing the amount of crashing due to LODs.

Another big thing in this update, is that the modlist now uses stock game, which copies the game folder to the modlist folder in order to ship modified files into the game folder. This way, NVHR can be completely automated and installed directly into the game folder for you. This also means that the game is update-proof from any future updates, if this game ever gets a single one…

Additionally, various mods have been updated for their fixes and improvements, along with a few select mods being added, like the Mentality System mod and the Autumn Leaves Uncreative Edition mod, which helps balance and fix Autumn Leaves.

Make sure that the game executable is patched in the stock game folder before running the list to ensure it will work on your system.

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