core and frameworks

  • Backported Archive2 Support System
  • Customizable Character Rim Lighting

bug fixes and optimizations

  • Sprint Jump AP Fix
  • Wet Body Fix (Specular – Glossiness fix)
  • Companion Shoots At Player Fix – F4SE
  • Wetness Shader Fix
  • Empty Vendor List Engine Bug Fix
  • Show All Armors and Outfits – F4SE
  • Combat Shutdown Grenade Fixes
  • Companion Jump Fall Pose Fix
  • Hostile NPC Respawn Fix
  • Emotions in VATS
  • Magic Effect and Spell Engine Fixes

Interface and HUD

  • 76 Tweaked – FallUI HUD Preset
    • Added as another, optional HUD preset for those who enjoy F076s HUD

models and textures

  • FO4FI HD Series (HD Creatures and Robots)
  • Glassy Pipboy Screen
  • Immersive Water Pump – Powered
  • Immersive Water Pump
  • Immersive Weight Bench
  • Very Zen Painted Doors
  • Very Zen Glass Decals
  • Very Zen Decals
  • Very Zen Trash Piles
  • Very Zen Brickwalls
  • No More Muddy Dog – A Dogmeat Retexture
  • Better Coastal Waves
  • WET – Water Enhancement Textures

Landscape and Architecture

  • Natural Landscapes
  • Natural Rocks
  • Natural Roads
  • Natural Landscapes – Parallax Support
    • And other parallax support addons

sFX and Ambience

  • Fallout 4 Resound Project – Guns

character appearance

  • Enhanced Vanilla Bodies – Next Gen Update and Texture Fixes

gameplay tweaks

  • Melee hold block
  • ToggleEquip
  • Exit Power Armor Anywhere – F4SE

gameplay overhauls

  • Be Exceptional – Skills and Perk Overhaul
  • Be Exceptional Rebalanced – New Vegas Style
  • Be Exceptional – Animated Skill Icons (Add-On)

guns and melee weapons

  • Chinese Pistol Set

Armor and apparel

  • Vault Tourist Outfit

workshops and settlements

  • The Rebuild Collection – Shared Resources
  • The Rebuild Collection – AIO


  • Immersive Animation Framework (IAF) – ESP-less Patches

Atomic Warfare – Optional Mods

  • Permadeath
  • Silent Protagonist F4SE
    • Installed as an optional mod, which can be enabled or disabled mid-save safely

bug fixes and optimizations

  • 3rd Person Behavior Fixes
    • Removed in favor of Melee hold block, files conflict and this breaks that mods functionality
  • Flicker Fixer eXofied

animations and skeletons

  • Advanced Animation Framework
  • Animated World
  • Animated World – Bobbleheads

landscape and Architecture

  • Parallax Textures for Landscape and Rubble

SFX and Ambience

  • Towbie’s Realistic Weapon Sounds

character appearance

  • Human Commons Realistic Teeth
    • They looked uncanny and super weird, so they’ve been removed

core and frameworks

  • Garden of Eden Papyrus Script Extender

bug fixes and optimizations

  • The Midnight Ride – Glitchfinder All-In-One

locations and worldspaces

  • South of the Sea – Atom’s Storm

Gameplay overhauls

  • Better Locational Damage
    • Removed perk modifications option for compatibility with Be Exceptional

Not Save Safe

In this update, we feature a ton of new gameplay changes, bug fixes and optimizations, new models and textures, and various other changes.

Most notably, there is a new way to making your builds for your character, I.E. Be Exceptional is making a comeback, along with the fantastic New Vegas Style rebalance mod.

Additionally, previsibines have been generated for specific areas, such as Concord and all settlements, for a more optimized and pleasant experience. More previsibine patches will come as I work more on the list.

And finally, various other mods and changes have been made, detailed in the changelogs.

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