fixes and optimizations

  • Faction Disguise De-Scripter
  • Flashbang Tutorial Remover
  • Scripted Ammo Fix
  • Slideshow FOV Fix

interface and hUD

  • Reset Settings Prompt

core and frameworks

  • kNVSE Animation Plugin
    • This has been delta-patched in from a edited copy from Discord
    • Should fix various crashing issues, as well as crashing with the BoS stripping you down.
  • JIP LN NVSE Plugin
    • Should resolve various crashes present in the modlist

Fixes and optimizations

  • Landscape Texture Improvements
  • Meshes and Collision – Totally Enhanced Nifs (MAC-TEN)

interface and hUD

  • Main And Pause Menus Overhaul

animations and skeletons

  • Legion Salute

gameplay tweaks

  • Point That Somewhere Else

gameplay overhauls

  • Enhanced Movement

Save Safe

This update introduces a few bug fixes, optimizations and hopefully less crashes, thanks to JIP LN and kNVSE being updated. These two mods seemingly have been crashing with other mods very persistently, which recently has been addressed and finally fixed.

Additionally, various other fixes such as scriptless disguising, fixes to redundant scripts attached to ammo and a few mod updates have been included to alleviate the weight of script lag.

Other than what’s been listed, that is all.

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