User Interface and HUD

  • Better Console
  • F4 Fonts Replacer – Chalet

Animations and Skeletons

  • Vanilla Reanimation Project – Assault Rifle

Character Appearance

  • BodySlide and Outfit Studio
  • Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer
  • Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer (Reduced)
  • Super Hero Bodies

Gameplay overhauls



  • SCOURGE – Patch Repository

Atomic Warfare – Custom Add-ons

  • Previsibines
    • New patches have been added, as well as a master patch to fix all current issues with conflicting patches and some other smaller issues

quests and side quests

  • Attack of The Lobotomites

Save Safe

Just a small update to mainly address some more previsibine issues, most notably with Rebuild AIO. Also included a master patch to fix all previsibine patches and make sure it is all consistent.

Additionally added SCOURGE for even more deleveling and customizable NPC stats and whatnot. Combat should be fast, consistent and smooth now.

A few smaller tweaks and additions are new body overhauls, using CBBE NeverNude and Super Hero Bodies. The interface font has also been overhauled using the Chalet font, which should give a more pleasing look to the interface.

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