gameplay tweaks

  • Hit – VATS Restored
  • Better Weapon Restrictions and Fixes
  • Simply Overhauled Dialogue – Ontologically Metaphorical Yapping

location and worldspace overhauls

  • Lucky 38 Exterior Remastered – Compatibility Edition

Wasteland Prospects – Controller Support

  • Controller Support NVSE
  • Soft-Lock Aim-Assist

Models and Textures

  • Blood Trails
    • Seemed to be causing some problematic crashes, may re-add later in the future.

Core and frameworks

  • Crash Logger

gameplay tweaks

  • The Freepost Mojave Express Expansion
  • Point That Somewhere Else

location edits and tweaks

  • SUPER Lively New Vegas

Wasteland Prospects – Custom Addons

  • xLODGen Output
    • Generated LODs for only terrain and trees, no object LOD.
  • Navmesh Patch

Save Safe

A rather smaller update, hopefully addressing the crashing and issues present currently.

Mainly, controller support with new, custom keybinds have been added that you can optionally enable if you plan on playing on controller. More documentation for the controller button bindings will follow later.

Additionally, some smaller additions have also been added, fixing or addressing some things in the list.

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