Base game files

  • Comprehensive 2K (2x) Texture Pack
    • Essentially covers a lot of the games textures, upscaling them and keeping them optimized. Will not be used as a the main texture overhaul, but a base.
    • This download does include about 12GBs but it should rarely ever need an update.

Interface and HUD

  • ySI – Assorted Fixes
  • Vanilla UI Plus Extension

animations and skeletons

  • NCR Salute
  • Legion Salute

models and textures

  • Fallout Texture Overhaul – Robots – ED-E
  • Fallout Texture Overhaul – Robots – Protectron
  • Fallout Texture Overhaul – Robots – Eyebot
  • Fallout Texture Overhaul – Robots – Sentry bot
  • Fallout Texture Overhaul – Robots – Sentry turrets
  • Fallout Texture Overhaul – Robots – Mister Handy
  • Fallout Texture Overhaul – Robots – Mister Gutsy
  • Fallout Texture Overhaul – Robots – Robobrain
  • Blood Trails

character appearance

  • Improved Vanilla Male Body
  • TYPE4 – Body and Armors
  • More Modest Type 4 Body and Armor

gameplay tweaks

  • Bottlecap and Dice Toss
  • No Dead-Money Collar and Cloud Messages

melee weapons and guns

  • T60P – Power Armor Sidearm

player homes

  • Immersive Goodsprings Home

weather and lighting

  • Dusty Distance Redone
  • Heat Haze

Fixes and optimizations

  • Simple Total Fog Remover – NVSE

models and textures

  • Grass Remesh
    • Seeing reports of this causing some huge performance dips
  • Headshot Splatter
    • Unfortunately has been problematic with CKR, so this was disabled for now in favor of CKR to prevent crashes

core and frameworks

  • JohnnyGuitar NVSE

interface and hUD

  • Pip-Boy UI Tweaks
  • Pipboy Holo Panel
  • Main and Pause Menus Overhaul

models and textures

  • Rock Grass

Gameplay Tweaks

  • Point that somewhere else
  • The Freepost Mojave Express Expansion
  • Radiation Decay

Gameplay Overhauls

  • Vicious Wastes
  • Simple AI Merge
  • Enhanced Movement
  • Legion Arena Expanded – The Fort Arena Overhauled
  • Titans of The New West

player homes

  • Overlook Cabin

Save Safe

A fairly sizeable update, including various new mods and quite a few mod updates which address issues within themselves.

Some notable additions are the Comprehensive 2K (2x) Texture Pack mod, which overhauls the majority of game textures with upscaled textures for a sharper and a bit more cleaner of a look. These textures are optimized and compressed to offer the most performance. Along with mod used as a base, various new Fallout Texture Overhaul mods have been added to overhaul quite a few of the robot textures.

Character appearances and bodies have also been updated with new meshes and textures, to give a fresher look to all NPCs in the game.

Additionally, a couple mods have been added to cover up the annoying distant flickering issues with the landscape, in order to keep deterring eyes away from engine limitations.

LOD and navmesh files have been regenerated for the latest changes as well.

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