core and frameworks

  • Baka ScrapHeap
  • PrivateProfileRedirector F4
  • SUP F4SE

Bug fixes and optimizations

  • Commonwealth Map Alignment Fix
  • Deadeye Weapon Effect Fix
  • Reload Fix

Interface and HUD

  • ClickLight – Highlight Objects Clicked in Console
  • MCM Booster – SCOURGE Cache Tweak

Animations and Skeletons

  • Native Animation Framework
  • Hit Facial Expression

models and textures

  • FlaconOil’s Complete Retexture Project
  • Fallout 3 Styled Vaults
  • Combat Armor Remodel
  • Leather Armor Remodel
  • Synth Armor Remodel
  • Wrapped Cap Remodel
  • Diamond City Guard Armor Overhaul
  • Sack Masks – Sack Hood Remodel

SFX and ambience

  • Diamond City Ambience

character appearance

  • Ace Male Race

creatures and NPCs

  • Goodneighbor – Guards Patrol Outside

gameplay tweaks

  • Basic Mining – Mines and ores in the Commonwealth
  • Cat Adoption – Stray Cats – Also Cat Furniture
  • Nuka Cola Baron – Become a Vending King
  • Restore Power Armor Frames
  • Player Speed Revised
  • NPC Accuracy Revised
  • Legendaries They Can Use
  • Portable Junk Recycler Mk 2
  • Simple Creation Club Delayed NG
  • Sneaking Drains AP
  • Swimming Drains AP

gameplay overhauls

  • Damn Apocalypse
    • Power Armor Module
  • Hot Diggity – Skills Perks – Redux

armor and apparel

  • Grease Rat Garbs
  • Enclave Recon Armor
  • Pip-Boy W.S
  • T-60 Shoulder Cape

workshop and settlements

  • Clipboard Resurrection
  • A Better World – Cabin Workshop Pack
  • Interactive Workshop Stores
  • Small Fences
  • Workshop Auto Exit Extended
  • Construct Water Towers
  • Settlement Objects Combined – Lore Friendly
  • Floors – Roofs – Walls
  • Snappable Clutter and Display

locations and worldspaces

  • Diamond City Supplements
  • Subway Runner – Revival

quests and expansions

  • Shady Motives
  • Subversion – The Institute-Railroad Alliance Alternate Ending
  • Nordic Europa Research Facility
  • Polaria Systems
  • Belly of the Beast

weather and lighting

  • Extended Fake Interior
  • Terrain Undersides
  • Seventy-Six Weathers

overrides and alternate starts

  • Community Tweaks Merged

Atomic Warfare – Custom Add-ons

  • Item Sorter Patch

core and frameworks

  • RAW INPUT – The Ultimate Mouse Sensitivity Fix
  • Standalone Workbenches

Animations and Skeletons

  • Expressive Expressions – For Males
  • Expressive Expressions – For Females

gameplay tweaks

  • Player Comments and Head Tracking

gameplay overhauls

  • Be Exceptional – Skills and Perk Overhaul
  • Be Exceptional Rebalanced – New Vegas Style
  • Be Exceptional – Animated Skill Icons (Add-On)
  • Munitions – An Ammo Expansion

guns and melee weaposn

  • F4NV AEP-7 Laser Pistol and Pew-Pew
  • Small Game Shotgun – A .410 Lever-Action Shotgun
  • Pipe Carbine – Rat Runners Arsenal

locations and worldspaces

  • Diamond City Expansion
  • Commonwealth Express Courier Stations

weather and lighting

  • Natural and Atmopsheric Commonwealth 10
  • Natural and Atmopsheric Commonwealth 10 – Tweaks
  • Natural and Atmopsheric Commonwealth 10 – MCM Settings Menu
  • Seasons Change
  • Psycho LUT


  • Deadeye – Munitions – RobCo Patch
  • Reaper’s Robco Munitions Patches

core and frameworks

  • Base Object Swapper
  • Address Library for F4SE Plugins
  • Papyrus Script Runner
  • xSE PluginPreloader F4

SFX and ambience

  • Fallout 4 Resound Project – Guns

gameplay tweaks

  • Who’s The General – Minutemen Quest Cleanup
  • You And What Army 2

gameplay overhauls

  • Cooking Overhaul
  • Artifice Crafting

armor and apparel

  • Backpacks of the Commonwealth

workshop and settlements

  • More Prefabs

Not Save Safe

Man, where do I even start?! . . . Okay, let’s stat with the overhauls.

Firstly, Be Exceptional has been removed and replaced with Hot Diggity, which adds a more streamlined and balanced manner to perks and skills, similarly to Be Exceptional. They both introduce things from new and old games, as well as overhauling vanilla perks and even adding some new ones. Damn Apocalypse’s Power Armor Module has also been added to provide more intensity to Power Armor itself, as well as scarcity. Various other Gameplay Overhaul mods have also been updated.

Additionally, various Gameplay Tweaks have been added to expand upon the games immersion and balancing, such as improved NPC accuracy, player movement speed, how legendaries are distributed, restoring Power Armor frames, and more. Mining has also been added, aka Skyrim mining into Fallout 4. You can find various resource veins around the Commonwealth to harvest valuable raw components like crystal.

Some other notable changes are the visual changes, removing NAC X, Seasons Changes, and Pyscho LUT replaced by Seventy-Six weathers and a slightly edited version of the base ENB files. Various textures and mesh mods have also been added to improve quality of armors or overall textures throughout the game, such as FlaconOil’s Retexture Project.

Along with all of these new major changes, are tons more such as new settlement building objects, tons of new quests to explore, new armor, a completely new and refreshing male visual overhaul, and so much more!

That’s about it really, check out the changelogs detailed for more information.

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