core and frameworks

  • Garden of Eden Papyrus Script Extender
  • Canary Save File Monitor
  • Papyrus Script Runner

bug fixes and optimizations

  • Bug Fix – Settlers
  • Bug Fix – Norwegian Ghoul
  • Bug Fix – Wastelanders
  • Bug Fix – Far Harbor Settlers
  • Ownership Fixes
  • Godrays Performance Fix Redux

SFX and Ambience

  • Power Armor 3rd Person Footstep Sound (Cut Content)
  • Towbie’s Realistic Weapon Sounds

Creatures and nPCs

  • Dynamic Outfitting
  • Cut Content – Brad Finnegan
  • Cut Content – Zachary
  • Diverse Diamond City Security
  • Diverse Scavengers
  • Diverse Coursers
  • Diverse Forged
  • Diverse Covenant Security
  • Diverse Far Harbor Settlers
  • Diverse Settlers
  • Robot Curie to C.V.R.I.E
  • Consistent and Custom Companion Names

character appearance

  • Human Commons Realistic Teeth

Gameplay overhauls

  • DirectHit
  • Better Chems
  • Addiction Overhaul
  • Stimpaks – Heal No Limbs
  • Infiltrator – Lockpicking Overhaul

guns and melee weapons

  • Small Game Shotgun – A .410 Lever-Action Shotgun
  • Chinese Assault Rifle (Fallout 3)
  • Classic Alien Blaster (Fallout 3)
  • P94 Plasma Caster (NewVegas)

armor and apparel

  • Lucy’s Vault-Tec Backpack

quests and side quests

  • Attack of the Lobotomites
  • Sunshine and Cannibals – Stranger Commonwealth

weather and lighting

  • Psycho LUT

core and frameworks

  • RobCo Patcher

Gameplay Tweaks

  • Who’s The General – Minutemen Quest Cleanup

Armor and Apparel

  • Wanderer’s Vault Suit
  • Backpacks of the Commonwealth

locations and worldspaces

  • Diamond City Expansion – eXoPatch


  • Better Locational Damage – RobCo Patch

installation process

  • Stock Game
    • The modlist now uses stock game in order to retain the original version of Fallout 4 before the “Next-Gen” update, allowing you to play freely without any interruptions

Atomic Warfare – Custom Add-ons

  • Modlist Patch
    • Patched various objects in Concord, I.E. conflicts between PAC and Open Commonwealth
  • Mod Settings
    • Adjusted some game settings for better combat

Not Save Safe

This update is a recompile of the modlist in order to allow people to continue playing the game.

Along with the recompilation, a plethora of new mods have been added for an even more extensively modded experience, fleshing out the modlist even more and introducing new dynamics. Combat is smoother, perks and drugs are consistent, there’s a new Karma system like the original Fallouts, and even two new quest mods!

Additionally, a new LUT has been added to bring the games colors and visuals more on par to the theme of the modlist.

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